Hangover Food

Recently, I had the worst hangover I have possibly EVER had.* On this particular occasion I couldn’t eat anything. Not.One.Thing. If I wasn’t so dehydrated I would have probably cried my wee heart out.

*This is a lie due to the fact I think this every hangover.

It was worse than the first time I ever had braces when my teeth were so sensitive and fragile that when my mum placed my fajita’s in front of me I burst into tears because I couldn’t eat them.

Yes, I love food that much.

So, this got me thinking of all the food I normally eat when I am hungover that make me feel that little bit better, but also make me hate myself the next day. (It’s totally worth it).

Phish Food ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. 


I grew up with this flavour of ice cream, it has always been a treat and a comfort. Which is why I believe it is one of my saving grace’s for when I’ve gone on the lash the night before.

When going round to a friend’s house they would offer me ice cream*  and suggest ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ or ‘Cookie Dough’.

Do these flavours have caramel? Do they have marshmallow? Do they have little chocolate fishes?  Well then, THEY SIMPLY AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH.

*What do you mean your friends don’t offer you ice cream? Get new friends.

Heinz Tomato Soup. 


Yes, it has to be Heinz. It has to be that extreme colour of red that probably shouldn’t exist with that perfect salty to sweet taste

This is my mums go-to fix when I am lolling about in darkness refusing to leave my room. She used to place a bowl of Heinz tomato soup on my bedside table and tell her goblin of a daughter ‘Eat your soup it will help’.*

I no longer live with my parents so this doesn’t happen anymore and I am too unprepared to remember to buy a can of soup for the next day after a night out. Anyway, I always tell myself ‘it’ll only be a couple of drinks’ because who can really predict the hangover is going to happen? Probably everyone.

*If your mum tells you it’s going to help, it’s going to help.

A cup of tea. 


No, I am not talking about any fancy shmancy tea, I am talking about a proper cup of tea, a builders cup of tea, the kind of tea that cures all evil.

Milk and sugar. Perfection.

Need I say more?

Dominos Pizza. 


When you are hungover and look like a gremlin the last thing you want to do is step outside.This means you have to get a delivery and as much as I am ashamed of it, this is usually Dominos. Sometimes you need something at your door immediately that is full of carbs. WE ALL HAVE OUR WEAKNESSES. I am counting down the days for Civerinos Slice to open so I can support a local restaurant while I am hungover, but until then this will have to do.

FYI they also deliver Phish Food ice cream.



Last but not least is spice. ANYTHING SPICY.

If I am sweating from my forehead and crying out for milk for my mouth, I am happy.

Note: Do not eat anything spicy on a particularly spewy hang as you don’t want to have to re-live all of the flavours backwards.

Well, that’s a nice picture to end on.

What do you eat when you are hungover?

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