Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh

Are you guys going here because there is a queue outside? Or do you actually like it?

I went, and I have to say, what’s the big deal? From everyone I spoke to about Ting Thai I was expecting my mind to be completely blown, the opposite happened.

Did you all build this place up for me too much?

I asked for a table for two and they squished me in between a party of two and a party of three who looked at me as if I was a hurricane who had just blown their house down. To be fair I did have my winter coat on and a large bag with me so the tight squeeze wasn’t ideal. The window seat then became free, and I love a window seat as it is the perfect food photography lighting. (Sue me).

So I asked if I could sit there and I moved to a table with a bit more space next to a couple who didn’t seem so horrified by my presence.

I don’t mind the sharing-tables-with-strangers aspect, in fact I really like this in restaurants. Especially as it is so unbelievably non-British and it is fun to ask a stranger what they are eating because it looks good.

What I don’t like about SOME communal seating is being forced elbow to elbow with people I don’t know because they have sat seven people at a table meant for five.

Another point to note is that when I sat down the people who were previously there (who had left fifteen minutes beforehand) had left their money for the bill with the receipt on the table. This made me feel uncomfortable and after waiting ten minutes for a waiter or waitress to collect what they were owed for the previous dinner I gave up and took it up to the counter myself.

What returned was a thank you from a person stressed up to their eyeballs.

Oh, I’ve not written about the food yet?

The girl REALLY wanted to take our order, so I didn’t really get to read the menu properly, so I went for the obvious the ‘Goong Frong Beer’ which was king prawns in a grated coconut beer batter with mango salsa and sweet potato crisps.

These were incredibly delicious and moreish and I could have eaten at least 3 more boxes.

I also ordered the ‘Khao Mun Gai Tod’ which is fried chicken with garlic, coconut, cucumber, shallots and jasmine rice. Now, I am not a rice person and I also don’t like to be rushed when I am ordering so I know for a fact that ordering this dish was a big regret.

So, this was quite unimpressive and I wouldn’t order it again. However I have looked at the menu again and there are a million and one* other dishes I would rather have had so it looks like I will have to try something else out.


In conclusion, for a restaurant that is constantly busy, sometimes with a queue out the door, they don’t seem to be prepared for the amount of people that walk through their premises and this is quite clear from the stress levels of their staff.

To be honest with you the whole experience of the place totally took away the excitement of trying their food. Calm down, count to ten and let me eat my prawns in a more relaxing environment.

Also, who doesn’t take card nowadays?

Have you been to Ting Thai Caravan? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 3/5 (Industrial and neon, the seating arrangements lose points)

Service: 2/5

Price: 4/5 (My prawns were £3.80 and my chicken was £6.10 which are reasonable prices for the portions that you received.)

Overall: 12/20

Recommend: If you love the hustle and bustle of the London tube during rush hour while eating Thai Food.

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