Talor Tries….Salmon Tacos

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything.

But these tasted so good, they are all I ate last week.

Also, they are stupidly simple….it’s as if I didn’t even try….

Recipe under video! If you make them send me pics 🙂



  • Red Onion x 1
  • Coriander x handful
  • Avocado x 1
  • Pomegranate x 1/2
  • Salmon Fillets  (One fillet per person)
  • Hot Paprika x 1tsp
  • Pepper x sprinkle
  • Salt x sprinkle
  • Olive Oil x dash
  • Greek Yogurt x 500ml
  • Tabasco x a lot
  • Soft Tacos (or make your own) x depends how many you want



Chop your red onion and coriander finely.

Slice up your avocado into nice tasty chunks.

I usually cut it in half then slice the avocado horizontally then vertically then take the skin off so you get some good sized pieces.



Cut your pomegranate and take the seeds out.

I have a childhood memory of someone hitting half a pomegranate with the back of a spoon and all the seeds coming out. I think this may be fake memory as I couldn’t achieve this.

So I just scooped the seeds out with a spoon.

Fun fact: I used to eat the seeds of a pomegranate with a sewing needle, picking each one out individually.



Put your salmon fillets in a bowl cover them with: a dribble of olive oil, a teaspoon of hot paprika, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

‘Massage’ or ‘rub’ into the salmon.

Then wack them in a hot frying pan skin side down, no, don’t add any more oil. This way the skin goes nice and crispy, yes the skin tastes good, no don’t remove it from the fish.

If you must know I did skin side for around 7 minutes, opposite side 6 minutes and then I did the other two sides quickly on the pan too because I have a serious fear of things not being cooked properly.

Once cooked, shred it up!



Mix your Greek yoghurt and Tabasco together to make a lovely spicy sauce.

Honestly, I was surprised it worked I just wanted to mix two of my favourite things together….and hey presto.



Warm up your tortillas – do it however you want.


I did it this way in case you care: tortilla, spicy sauce, shredded salmon, onion, coriander, avo and pomegranate.

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