#OUTOFTEN The Matcha Edition

I hate matcha lattes I think they are rank, and from my experience of hanging around cafe’s so do 85%* of people who order them as about half of the drink is always left over.

*Completely made up statistic. 

However, they do take a good picture.

I actually had to steal my boyfriends picture of a matcha latte because I have never taken one.

If you didn’t take a picture of your matcha latte did you even drink it?

Excuse me while I sneeze on my pancakes….out of ten. 


I’m sorry m’am I think your dog may be ill…out of ten. 




Even he looks dissapointed…out of ten. 


Said no one to Matcha ever…out of ten. 




Okay, I’ll let this one off. CUTE…out of ten. 




Willy Wonka is crying somewhere…out of ten. 



Did you know that if you drink/ eat too much Matcha your hair turns green?*

*Completely made up fact.

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