10 foods that have defined 2016

2016 has been a bit shit, let’s not lie.

We have essentially stepped into an episode of Black Mirror that we cannot switch off and watch Friends instead to make us laugh before going to bed.

Anyway, I have decided to not think about these things too much and instead look at food and drink that has defined 2016, because nothing makes me happier than food.

1. Avocado

Avocados have taken over the world.

You have them with breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can even have them in cake.

Delicious and full of good fats, what can an avocado do wrong?


Secondly due to the popularity, restaurants and cafes have hiked up the prices of anything with avocado on it which is incredibly frustrating. We may as well buy an avocado and bring it to the restaurant with us to add to the dish because the risk is worth it. The fine we would receive will probably cost the same amount as a side of avocado.

However, let’s remember that this is a humble avocado and not Brexit or the President of the United States.

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New flat #marmite

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2. Marmite 

Seriously?!?! You care that much about Marmite?

Take a step back and think about what you are angry about.


3. Prosecco

I am going to go against the grain here and say…I like it better than Champagne.

Ahhh, it is a joy having a lovely chilled glass of Prosecco.

The popularity of Prosecco has soared and we can see this through the panic of a Prosecco shortage as well as ‘Skinny’ Proseccco coming into production.

Regardless if there is a skinny one or not, I am still going to drink it.

Are we drinking more because we are celebrating? Is there anything to celebrate?

P.s it is fab with Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb and Ginger liqueur



4. Coffee

My saviour. A warm cup of Joe will start any day in the right direction, specifically if it is good coffee.

With independent roasters and cafe’s popping up here there and everywhere I can only hope for a brighter future where Starbucks is far away in the distance.

However, like everything else positive in the world it will probably take some time to happen.

5. Matcha 

Don’t get me started on Matcha.

*Gets garlic and cross prepared*

*Remembers it’s not a vampire and just tea*

6. Ice Cream & Gelato

If your soft serve isn’t reaching for the sky, covered in candy floss or shaped like a rose, you are doing something wrong.

Not only can you get ice cream in every flavour possible, but this year Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was put out of business* by the Ice Cream museum that opened up in New York where you could roll around in colourful sprinkles and have your taste buds confused as to whether they were experiencing sweet or sour.

You cannot walk into an ice cream store and walk out unhappy, it is not possible. Unless of course you don’t like ice cream then………………..I don’t know what to say to you.

(*Not really)


On November 9th 2016 we woke up to a sick joke, Toblerone had changed its appearance completely (Lol).

I felt cheap buying a Toblerone as a present for family on the way back from my holiday, now I will feel EVEN more cheap since half the triangles are missing.

When Ariel gets her legs she’ll start brushing her hair with a Toblerone rather than a fork.

8. Mirror Glazed Cake 

I’m sorry but I don’t need something else to look into to see disappointment looking back.

No wonder people scream while cutting into this cake as it is a masterpiece.

Although beautiful, I can’t help but wonder if they actually taste any good. Has anyone tried?

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pottage by @fairchildart_miniatures.

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9. Those videos of miniature food. 

So easy and appealing to watch, I literally can’t help it.


Downfall: what is the point?


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Vlog number 2 is up! Link in bio ✌️💜

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That’s right.

Is it just me or has food been HUGE this year?

New restaurants opening, food bloggers everywhere, Instagram filled with weird and wonderful food fixtures and lets face it, the way this year has been it is no surprise we are distracting ourselves with the excessive amount of food trends that have been happening.

Talor Out.

Note: I have literally stumbled upon this Instagram account……you are welcome. @CelebritiesEatingThings

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