An Ode to World Pasta Day

I apologise I didn’t post #OutOfTen yesterday, time got away from me, but here is something else instead.

Today is #WorldPastaDay  and there are so many great things about pasta, so here is what I love about it.

The crispy bit on top of macaroni cheese is worth a fight at the family dinner table. 



When it arrives as little parcels and you are about to experience Christmas for your taste buds. 

Life is what happens between coffee & wine! 🍷

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When you find that left over pasta you were saving after a night out. 

Happy World Pasta day #worldpastaday Thanks for the heads up @victoriastewartpics

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How you always end up with a lot more than intended. 


And lets face it, Jamie Oliver wouldn’t exist without pasta, and we can’t be having that. 


Excuse me while I eat my weight in Pasta. 

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