Talor Tries….Easy Sweet Baked Potato

This is what I eat when I have no money (all the time) and feeling  healthy (never). I love it because it is super easy, quick, cheap and tasty. Do you really need more?

The video isn’t the best quality I apologise in advance.

Video below, recipe under that. Enjoy!



Ingredients – this is a rough estimate for one, change as you please.

  • 1 x sweet baking potato
  • 1 x green chilli
  • 1 x handful of coriander ( I have wee hands)
  • 1 x tin of tuna
  • 1 x large tablespoon sour cream




Scrub your potato squeaky clean, then grab a fork and stabbity stab stab that potato all over.

Whap it in the microwave, or the ‘ding’ as my Aunty calls it for between 10 – 15 minutes. It totally depends on the potato, just keep checking it or you’ll get a burnt one.

FYI – if that happens that’s totally your own fault.




While your potato is in the microwave start chopping up your chili, I would take the seeds out as well.

Green chilies aren’t that spicy, so man up and throw them on cause I bet you’ll like it.

Now rip off a handful of coriander and roughly chop. I LOVE CORIANDER IT IS THE BEES FRIGGEN KNEES. If you are the other 50% of the world that doesn’t like coriander then replace with red onions or spring onions or something equally as boring.




Open your can  of tuna and empty out the spring water.

(Pretty hard step…am I right?)





Now listen carefully if you want perfection you must do it in this order*:

Cut the potato with sharp knife, open potato, shred tuna into potato, throw on the coriander, top with chili and put a GOOD OLD DOLLOP (fantastic word) of sour cream on top.


You may thank me later, and yes I know it is amazing.

*This is a lie do it in whatever order you want.




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