Have you met….The Smoked Duck?

A supper club feels like going round to a friends house for a dinner party, the host is an incredible cook, and everyone there you haven’t seen for ages so you talk about everything and anything. Except you don’t actually know anyone there and it’s a strangers house.

I have been to two of The Smoked Duck’s supper clubs now and each one was incredible, the food has always been on point and I have met the most interesting people. Both occasions I have gone with someone, however I think now that I have got into the swing of things I would be perfectly comfortable going by myself.

They are an occasion you will never forget, not only will you make friends with people you probably would not have met before, you will also not be able to try the same food again as each supper club has a different theme.

Get to know Felicia, the lovely lady behind The Smoked Duck.

Describe The Smoked Duck in three words:  

Warm, experimental, genuine!

Why the name The Smoked Duck?

I love ducks, dead and alive! I am also a sucker for traditional Scandinavian preserving techniques, including smoking.

Why did you start The Smoked Duck supper club?

I have always loved cooking and entertaining and so starting a supper club was a natural (yet terrifying) extension of that.

I often ask restaurants to describe their menu, since your menu is different every time, can you explain to us how you choose your themes for each evening?

I start off with thinking about the season and which ingredients are the best at that particular time. As I only do suppers on a monthly basis, the seasons change quite a bit from one supper to the next and I try to match the theme and the menu accordingly. As for the specific themes, I try to think a bit out of the box. I am fortunate to have a few regulars by now and so I want to make sure that each supper is as exciting and interesting as the last one, yet completely different!

What has been the most popular dish?

It’s hard to tell, but I think it is either my take on Japanese beef tataki, or a dark chocolate and sherry dessert.

What has been your least popular dish?

At my third Supper Club I completely got my timings and flavours wrong for the main course. It was a dish of cod, saffron risotto, smoked langoustine, and kale, and almost everything that could go wrong, did. I felt terrible and it was a lesson in not trying to run before I could walk.

What is your personal favourite dish?

This is like asking which of your children you love the most! But if I have to choose one, then it will have to be pancakes. This is probably a bit surprising, but I love the simplicity of a really good pancake. And the recipe I have is one that has been passed down from my mother and I have very strong childhood food memories associated with pancakes.

Give us three reasons why we should come along to The Smoked Duck supper club? 

1 – It is something a bit different;

2 – It is a great way to meet new people;

3 – You will be well fed!

If you had to eat anything in the world for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Eggs! They are so versatile and you can make both sweet and savoury things with them.

If you had to eat anywhere in Edinburgh for the rest of your life where would it be?



What is your biggest food vice?

Doughnuts. I LOVE them, so I avoid them the best I can…

Favourite city for food other than Edinburgh? 

Stockholm (modern, fresh, and dear to my heart)! But obviously I am biased… London (for its diversity) and Tokyo (for it’s unrivalled quality) share the second place.

Fill in the gaps: If I had to be food I would be an apple. Because I can be sweet or sharp, hard or soft. I like spice, but also tradition. And a fruit bowl without and apple, isn’t a proper fruit bowl!

If you are going out for a drink in Edinburgh where do you head? 

If it’s earlier in the evening: Bon Vivant on Thistle Street, and if it’s later: Bramble.

Bon Vivant   Bramble

You need a coffee, where is the first place in Edinburgh you think of? 

Artisan Roast on Broughton Street. I used to live above it and the smells in the stairway in the mornings were sublime!

Artisan Roast

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media)

Bjornfrantzen, thebestchefsoftheworld, and animalsshot (all Instagram)

@bjornfrantzen   @thebestchefsoftheworld  @animalsshot


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