Mussel Inn, Edinburgh

Filled to the brim with people as we arrived ( always a great sign), we were very concerned we weren’t going to get a table outside as it was a fab day. However my Mum being cheeky decided to nab one anyway (we had booked and the staff said it was fine to sit there so all good in the end).

Mussel Inn is located on Rose Street, a place I have continuously walked past but never entered until recently when I was asked to try it out.

My mum started things off by ordering the Crab salad which consisted of claw meat, fennel, orange and chilli.

She loved it, and got stuck in. Unfortunately as mentioned in previous posts my Mum seems to be the kind of person that cracks her tooth on an olive stone or can’t stop finding bones in her fish so of course she came across some shell in her crab salad.

No worries though, she still loved it all the same. I think she has now accepted that she will always seem to come across these things.

For my starter I went for the prawns, when it arrived it didn’t quite look like what I was expecting. All in all I was pleasantly surprised , it was the perfect sized starter and was full of flavour for such a simple dish.

We had a bit of a caffuffle ordering mains as we wanted to try the mussels. At the end of the day why on earth would you go to the Mussel Inn and not try any mussels? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

So, it was a decision between getting a main course each and then a small amount of mussels (1/2 kilo) to share OR one of us gets a large (kilo) amount of mussels and the other gets a main and we share those.

We went for the second option.

However, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

The dish my mum ordered (spiced sea fish stew) she described as

“Talor, I tell you what, this is a ten out of ten dish”

followed by

“This is a dish that I’d come back for”.

So it was safe to say I only got a wee taste, and she was right it was truly lovely.

I ordered the Moroccan mussels which had chilli, garlic, coriander and cumin, a handful of my all time favourite ingredients.

I am a huge fan of mussels, and these were great. You could tell they were fresh and the flavour of the ‘soup’ at the bottom was gorgeous, it was a perfect bread dunking situation. However as I had ordered a Kilo of mussels assuming we were sharing, I could not finish them all as it was A LOT.

I even had a break so I could have a rest and start again, but nope it was not possible.

I apparently did have a little room for pudding though… (who doesn’t?!)

So, we ordered the chocolate torte. Unfortunately it took a  long time to come, so we thought they had forgotten about it which was fine as we were over indulging anyway so we asked for the bill, paid for the bill, and then the waiter told us that the chocolate torte was still on its way.

I always thought a chocolate torte was a very dense dark creamy chocolate pudding but that was not what arrived. It was like a cake slash brownie? Delicious all the same with orange flavours running through it.

Have you been to the Mussel Inn? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 4/5 – Didn’t get to see the inside, but the outside  had a great atmosphere.

Service: 4/5 – very friendly

Price: 4/5 – (I received this meal complimentary however a Kilo of mussels was £13.95 and Mum’s curry was £11.90 which I think is reasonable for both dishes.)

Total: 16/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: If you like mussels and a great seat outside in the summer (AKA people watching galore, you never know what you are going to see on the streets of Edinburgh, even when the Festival isn’t on).

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