Have you met….Milk Money?

No we are not talking about Fergie’s notorious song featuring Kim Kardashian in the video, we are talking about a bespoke cocktail company that I just so happened to stumble upon during the Edinburgh Festival.

Milk Money had a pop up during the festival that was located in the Brew Dog at the west end. Every time I walked to work I would always pass a sign that would tell me to go to Milk Money and so it happened, we ordered a couple cocktails, tried a beer and every flavour of bacon they had. My favourite was the chocolate covered FYI. The cocktails were strong, delicious and in novelty bottles, well worth a try.

Get to know…Milk Money.



Describe Milk Money in three words 

Simple, quality, tasty

Why the name Milk Money?

It is a bit kitsch and a bit retro like the bottles and straws, reminds us of our childhood

Where do you see Milk Money in five years?

We would like to be featured at major events and festivals, and be in a position to pay us would be nice!!

Describe your cocktails in a sentence:

Premium, pre-mixed cocktails that cut out the fuss and hassle of cocktail making


What is the most popular item on your menu?

Thats hard as it changes a lot as we introduce new drinks to the fold, I would say its between the Pisco Cherry Sour, Watermelon & mint Fresca or the Passionate Lady but they all have there moments

What is the least popular item on your menu? Why do you think that is?

Thats fairly easy, anything that challenges the norm or is a very distinct flavour, our Mezcal & cold brew coffee based one currently is not to everyone’s tastes, but thats the way it goes when you make any drink, everyone has there own tastes so everyone isnt going to like everything, which is why we are bespoke and can tailor drinks to specific individuals.

Give us three reasons why we should come to Milk Money ? 

Great drinks, great chat, no fuss

If you had to eat anything in the world for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Pork, it makes all  the best things, bacon, sausages, pulled, roasted, etc.

If you had to eat anywhere in Edinburgh for the rest of your life where would it be?

Norn in Leith, the food is out of this world, the bread alone is worth it!!



What is your biggest food vice?

Ice cream, I am good and only treat myself occassionally but if I am walking past Marys Milk Bar, I HAVE to go in!

Favourite city for food other than Edinburgh? 

Its hard to see past London to be honest the sheer choice and diversity

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be  ….. Because…

Maple Candied bacon……because…..it goes so well with drinking cocktails

If you are going out for a drink in Edinburgh where do you head? (other than Milk Money)

I love good beer so Salt Horse or The Southern, but for cocktails always Bramble or Lucky Liquor.

Salt Horse The Southern  Bramble Lucky Liquor

You need a coffee, where is the first place in Edinburgh you think of? 

Filament or Century General Store

Filament  Century General Store

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media) Bakery 47, Norn Restaurant & marys milk bar (sad food porn sites)

@Bakery47 @NornRestaurant  @MarysMilkBar



Milk Money social media: 

Website: www.milkmoneydrinks.co.uk

Facebook: Milk Money Drinks

Twitter: @MilkMoneyDrinks

Instagram: @MilkMoneyDrinks

My social media : 

Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries

Youtube: Talor Tries….

Instagram: talorgilchrist_

Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist

Snapchat: talor26

Tumblr: talorgilchrist

Pinterest: Talor Gilchrist

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