The Basement, Edinburgh

I go everywhere that people tell me to go because recommendations are the old fashioned TripAdvisor, and I trust my friends, colleagues and family more than I trust Suzie92 and her hatred of ‘badly folded napkins’. (Totally made that up FYI)

The Basement has been mentioned a few times, so when I bumped into my mum on Queen Street while she was on the way back from yoga I forced her to go for lunch. (I say forced she was very happy to go for lunch)

The Basement states that it is ‘freshly prepared restaurant food with a Mexican influence in a lively bar atmosphere’. I unfortunately could not experience the bar this time however I have only heard good things.


This was a quick bite for us as I was on my lunch break, so I chose what stood out for me and that was the Sea Trout Taco, this is tortilla crusted sea trout, soft corn tortilla, salad and a horseradish slaw. As I was here for lunch I had a smaller portion than what is usually served and it was the perfect size for this time of day.

Who knew that something this size could be so perfect? (Well to be fair I am small and perfect so I know that….) The sea trout was beautifully seasoned and full of flavour and I couldn’t help but want that little bit more.


My mum ordered the chicken quesadillas, I don’t think she knew what quesadillas were however I am assuming she knows what chicken is or that would be concerning.

This looked lovely, I had complete visual envy (however mine tasted amazing so no regrets). Mums was also a lot bigger as she ordered off of the main menu, and I tell you what it looked beautiful. It was flour tortilla’s with chargrilled chicken, pineapple salsa, Monty Jack cheese, chipotle crema and jalapenos. Wow, I only had a little bit but this was fantastic as well, I have this thing with pineapple where I FRICKEN LOVE IT ON SAVOURY DISHES and the quesadillas packed a chilli kick.



As you can tell, the food was a complete hit with me. I stupidly attempted to go back for dinner during the festival however if you get a table anywhere in town in the festival then you may as well be crowned the Queen. SO I will be back in the evening so I can try out their drinks, eat more fantastic food and appreciate the night time atmosphere.

Shoutout to the awesome waitress who was not only lovely but complimented my sunglasses.


Have you been to The Basment? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Food: 4/5

Decor: 4/5 (Didn’t get too see much of the inside as was sitting outside, but the decor was very cool)

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5 – (Just over £6 for my sea trout)

Total: 18/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: For delicious Mexican grub and a chat and a smoke at lunch.

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