Cup of T is lame.

I went to an event recently and they asked for my name/blog and I said:

“Talor Gilchrist from Cup of T”

And I cringed because Cup of T is a lame name, and not me at all.

  1. I don’t drink tea
  2. If I were naming my blog to relate to myself it would probably be called : ‘The Prosecco Diaries’ or ‘You Wanna Pizza Me’ ‘
  3. The only thing that does relate to me is the letter ‘T’ because that is what the majority of people call me

So from now on this blog will be called……*Drum Roll*


*No way* *Oh My God* *What a surprise*

My name is Talor Gilchrist,  Instagram is @TalorGilchrist_ , Twitter is @Talor_Gilchrist and my blog is ….it just makes sense.

See ya ‘Cup of T’

Lots of love,





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