Foodies Festival, Edinburgh

A great day out as not only was I surrounded by food but also alcohol….I mean my friends.

Foodies was jam packed with people, amazing food and drink stalls, foodie symposiums and live music. You honestly couldn’t ask for any more out of this day.

The live music was incredible, I have no idea where they found the bands but each one had their own fantastic individual qualities and we couldn’t stop listening to them.  The stand out one for us was Break the Butterfly as they managed to get every single person up and dancing on their feet, I would 100% check them out.




We all wanted food but none of us wanted to go to the first stall that we saw so we decided to have a wander to see what was available. Failing to decide on anywhere we gravitated towards the beer, we stopped by the Caledonian brewery and tried a couple.

Out of all of the beer on offer my favourite was the Three Hop as it was really light and refreshing.




Then we managed to spy the prosecco tent so we essentially ran towards it, I think we stayed there for a while as every so often someone would say ‘should we get food now?’ and then a new bottle would appear, it was fantastic.

Then we were starving so the food hunt began, the first two girls dropped off at a southern fried chicken place which looked okay, and the rest of us gravitated towards the pizza.

I am gutted we did this as the pizza was rubbish, it was crispy on the bottom but still raw on the top so it was basically still dough. #FAIL.




This bit makes me want to cry….give me a second to compose……

Okay, my friend let me try a bit of her fried chicken burger. It was the best thing I have ever tasted. I have never had such food regret in my entire life.(The prosecco probably didn’t help this situation.) If I could turn back time, that burger would be mine.

Oh yes….it would be mine.

So naturally, we went back to the prosecco tent.

Then I was jealous of people walking around with coconuts so I said RIGHT THATS IT I WANT ONE. And made my way to the coconut man.

I decided on a rum one, once he had macheted the coconut open he made me drink some so he could pour in the rum. Then he didn’t have any change to give me back from my note so I told him to keep it. THEN he was like drink more I’ll put more rum in…..

And that was how I ended up with a rum filled coconut.


Go to foodies it is great – beware of the pizza and head towards the chicken.


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