Checkpoint, Edinburgh

I was off to the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival with my Dad (he is the fashion expert not me, I just like to tag along to these things as I find them really interesting), to see a great symposium regarding lifestyle branding called ‘The way we live and shop’. You can find out more here (Edinburgh International Fashion Festival) the panel was incredibly interesting and I am keeping up with one of the panelists websites called Semaine because it sounded to me like a fantastic concept and I wish them all the best. (Semaine)

Anyway the point of my first paragraph was to explain why I went to Checkpoint which I haven’t actually done yet….so we were off to EIFF and I suggested we meet up for breakfast beforehand. I wanted to go here because my boyfriend went without me (how dare he) and said it was good.

To begin we ordered coffee, my Dad going for a cappuccino and myself ordering a mocha (my go to coffee of the moment). I am completely spoiled as I work next to some of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh such as Cairngorm, Wellington and Lowdown so for me this coffee was slightly bland. Therefore it wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t go there just for coffee.

Another thing that I noticed was that although the coffees looked fantastic, the waitress had unfortunately covered her beautiful latte art with cocoa powder.

For my breakfast I decided to order the candied streaky bacon pancakes with sesame maple syrup, yes I had a serious sweet tooth on this day.

I love crispy bacon, it should be made one of the wonders of the world, however this bacon was between fatty and crispy so still tasted good but hadn’t quite reached wonderful. The pancakes were fantastically fluffy and the sesame maple syrup was great.

Overall a dish that made me feel full with the perfect amount of sweetness.

My Dad’s breakfast was a lot more attractive than mine, and was easier to take pictures of annoyingly.

Not only that but he kept telling me how delicious it was and how he would love to have it again, under my Instagram picture of breakfast he even commented,

“Highly recommend my smoked salmon and spinach, eggs benedict.”

So there you have it, it is Dad approved.

The interior was all wood and metal with a storage crate thrown in for good measure, and when you entered the bathrooms it felt like you had entered a different restaurant as they felt super fancy. Both of the waitress were lovely and very attentive.

I will be going back as although the menu looks slightly crammed with hard to read small text, it all sounds delicious.

Have you been to Checkpoint? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Food: 3/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5 – (Pancakes: £6.50, Eggs Benedict: £7.50, Coffee: £2.50)

Total: 16/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: For a casual breakfast/lunch/dinner with friends and for a good meal for a good price.

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