Have you met….The Marshmallow Lady?

It is going to be really hard to write this introduction without mentioning the word ‘Marshmallow’ a million times!

I have loved marshmallows since I can remember, from eating Phish Food ice cream with my Dad, getting gourmet marshmallows in my Christmas stocking, piling them in a hot chocolate and eating a lot of marshmallow cheesecake in Newcastle….it is safe to say I am a massive fan. There is something about marshmallows that brings comfort to me, as they seem to make the day better whenever they are involved.

When I moved back to Edinburgh after finishing university in Newcastle I was pretty gutted about leaving my marshmallow cheesecake days behind. That was until one day I stumbled upon The Marshmallow Lady at Stockbridge market, not only did I treat myself to some delicious marshmallows I also bought a marshmallow candle (that’s right). From there I visited The Marshmallow Lady shop to try out one of the fantastic looking hot chocolates.

I have to admit I am yet to try the s’mores and I have been nothing but jealous since they have been appearing on all forms of social media.  The Marshmallow Lady will be at Edinburgh Food Festival and so will I so those s’mores will well and truly be demolished in the near future.

Anyway as usual I have gone on a bit too much, so get to know the famous Marshmallow Lady yourself!

(p.s I mentioned marshmallows 13 times)

Describe The Marshmallow Lady in three words:

Marshmallows, Marshmallows, Marshmallows.

Why the name The Marshmallow Lady?

Irony 😉 But seriously. The original name of the company was Burgh Bakes (that’s still the parent company name) back when I was baking cupcakes, loaf cakes and trying to figure out what I wanted to make. When I started making Mallows around 2010 and started delivering them to different retailers/cafes people would say “Oooohhh it’s the marshmallow lady!” And I thought that was a far more appropriate name!

Where do you see The Marshmallow Lady in five years?

Man, that’s a hard question. I actually have dreams of moving out of Edinburgh and re-locating to the Highlands, more specifically the Cairngorms. I’d either have a wee Cafe/Marshmallow shop up there, or I would focus on online, wholesale and markets/events.

Out of ALL of your marshmallow creations which one is your favourite?

Key Lime Pie. Still my favourite after 5 and a half years. It was also one of the first flavours I came up with and perfected 🙂

If you had to eat anything in the world (other than marshmallows) for the rest of your life what would it be?

Fish. All the fish. Fish all day long.mmmmmmm, fish. I get my fish from “Eddie’s Seafood Market’ in Marchmont, I love those guys and the quality of their fish is out of this world. And the passion they have is a real inspiration to me.

Eddies Sea Food

If you had to eat anywhere in Edinburgh (other than your own shop) for the rest of your life where would it be?

The Roamin’ Nose on Eyre Place. Always fresh, delicious food. Dog friendly too for the Marshmallow Dug. Or Harajuku Kitchen in Tollcross!

The Roamin’ Nose       Harajuku Kitchen


What is your biggest food vice?

Everything except Kale and Fennel 😉

If you are going out for a drink in Edinburgh where do you head?

Drinking wise I’d go out for coffee instead of anything alcoholic so…. (see next question)

You need a coffee, where is the first place in Edinburgh you think of?

So hard!! My alltime favourite and my main source of caffeine is stalking The Bearded Barista around town. Also Filament coffee is fantastic. Artisan Roast on Broughton St (right near my shop) The Roamin’ Nose on Eyre Place (everything they do is fantastic) Fortitude, Project Coffee, Blackwoods, Wellingtons, Cult Espresso, Kilimanjaro, Cairngorm Coffee and Steampunk on Sundays at Stockbridge Market (where I have a stall every Sunday) I rather love coffee.

Bearded Barista  Filament Coffee Artisan Roast Fortitude Coffee Project Coffee Blackwood Coffee Wellington Coffee Cult Espresso Kilimanjaro Coffee  Cairngorm Coffee Steampunk

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?

Dominique Ansel (spelling) on Instagram (there is nothing that man does that isn’t absolutely amazing. He’s insanely unique and inspirational)

Dominque Ansel


Have you tried the Marshmallow Ladies Marshmallows? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

If you would like to do a ‘Have you met….’ or know someone who would,  feel free to drop me an email at talorgilchrisst@gmail.com

The Marshmallow Lady social media: 

Website: Burgh Bakes

Facebook: The Marshmallow Lady

Twitter: @mallowlady_edi

Instagram: @TheMarshmallowLady

My social media : 

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