Cadiz, Edinburgh

Last night I was invited to Cadiz who have recently opened on George Street above Café Andaluz to try out their new menu.


Cadiz Edinburgh Talor Gilchrist Decor


First things first I am going to say that I am always wary of reading reviews from bloggers and the media who have been invited to events as I never know if they are telling the truth due to receiving the invite and freebies. However I will say I will always be honest, regardless of the situation.

Now lets get down to it.


Cadiz Edinburgh Talor Gilchrist Interior


An altogether elegant entrance with lights hanging down that look as though they have been knicked off of a ship and scrubbed up to look pretty darn fancy.

As you walk up the stairs there is a mural of an octopus, on first look I noticed that the pencil was still visible underneath, we were then informed by the owner that it wasn’t quite finished yet. I imagine from the décor from the whole restaurant that this mural too will look lovely.


Cadiz Edinburgh Talor Gilchrist


We were welcomed with a smile and sat down near the bar. There was a leg of Iberico ham just sitting there staring at me as well as many beautiful dishes walking past, it is safe to say I was beginning to get hungry.

They had an amazing cocktail list that was pretty hard to choose from, but my eyes were stuck on the Bloody Gin cocktail a twist on the classic Bloody Mary. This cocktail has gin, lemon juice, tomato juice, tabasco, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, rosemary, sherry and topped with red wine. An unusual concoction at first glance however it worked really well and the red wine brought it all together. Warning: it does have a kick to it.


Cadiz Edinburgh Talor Gilchrist Present.JPG


We sat at our table to the surprise of a lovely gift of sea salt caramel truffles and then we were offered oysters. I have had oysters before, but I am going to be completely honest and say that they are a bit of a struggle to me. It’s not that they don’t taste good, it is just that I am an extremely inelegant awkward person and so it is not the ideal dish for me to eat like a normal person. What I am trying to say is I seem to make it an unnecessary struggle for myself…however I enjoyed them all the same.


Cadiz Edinburgh Oysters 2 Talor Gilchrist


The starter I chose was the calamari, this was a very full plate which was surprising for me as normally in restaurants you are usually given a handful. It was a struggle for my wee tummy and I was very aware I had a main course and dessert to eat but I had help from the other side of the table so it evaporated fast. The calamari was delicious, fresh and well cooked and the dip, smoked paprika aioli, was a great accompaniment. Altogether a good all round starter.


Cadiz Edinburgh Calamari Talor Gilchrist


My main course was the monkfish and scallops cooked in paper, I am going to be completely honest here and say it was a bit of an eye sore. The dish was good but simple, it wasn’t something I would rave about. I was shocked at the price (£21) as I can’t understand how it can be justified.


Cadiz Edinburgh Monkfish Scallops Talor Gilchrist


The dessert was quite simply fantastic. I had the creme caramel, which was a complete show as it arrives to the table on fire. I have to say every food blogger there who ordered this dish certainly wapped their cameras out. An altogether custardy delight.


Cadiz Edinburgh Creme Caramel Talor Gilchrist


I felt sorry for all of the plus ones who accompanied the bloggers due to them not being allowed to touch their food until the perfect photo was taken – you gotta do what you gotta do.

If you have been to Cadiz or have a recommendation of somewhere I should review let me know in the comments.

Food: 3/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 3 /5 – this meal was complimentary for me so this is me comparing it to the price on the menu

Total: 16/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: For the cocktail menu and creme caramel!

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