Chophouse, Edinburgh

It was my birthday and when it comes to my birthday it is all about me, me, me. I wanted to go somewhere special, but also somewhere that I had never been before. Chophouse was a combination of the two.

I had been asked many times if I had been and what I thought, and yet I  had never actually gone, so it was only a matter of time before I tried it out.

Having a couple of drinks on the shore in Leith in the sun and then sauntering over to Constitution street for dinner was the perfect start to a birthday celebration.My mum had already organised for there to be a bottle of champagne waiting for us at the table which was a lovely welcoming.


The starters! I was so tempted to order the steak tartare but I had never tried it before and I would hate to waste any food, so I used the ‘birthday’ card and forced my boyfriend to order it (so I could try it) because I’m a spoilt brat, so then I decided to play safe and order the hot chicken wings.



The steak tartare was larger than what I had expected, yet it was completely demolished with a smile on his face, I received a nibble. It was hard to get used to the texture but once you had got over the fact that it was raw meat (kind of) it was delicious.


My starter was great, the chicken wings were spicy, tangy and exactly how you would want them to be. However this did not make me any less jealous of everyone elses starter, which I was and I was slightly disappointed in myself for not being a bit more adventurous rather than playing safe. Chicken wings are chicken wings and as much as I love them I had serious food envy, but I still loved the chicken wings,so at the end of the day my food regret was my own fault.

Shall I say chicken wings one more time?….chicken wings.

The mains! There are so many different roads you can go down when it comes to a Chophouse main that it took  me a while to finally come to a decision. You can order ‘Off the coals’ where you can choose your cut of beef, this can be a sharing cut ( chateaubriand, porterhouse and bone-in rib) or your own personal cut (rump, sirloin, rib eye and fillet) from here you can pick a sauce and a side to accompany.

If you are not a steak person (which would be strange since you are in a steak restaurant) you can order a main such as lobster, portobello mushroom or scampi. I am not going to lie I was tempted by the scampi but everyone was ordering steak and I didn’t want to feel left out.  

Everyone ordered the rib-eye, whereas I ordered the fillet, as mentioned before I like to play the birthday card so I ordered the pricey cut, however I did ask the waitress what she thought as my knowledge of cuts of beef isn’t fantastic and she was really helpful as she described the different cuts to me.

I paired mine with the peppercorn sauce and the creamed spinach. The steak was cooked to perfection and was an incredibly large cut (for me), the creamed spinach was delicious and a great light side and the peppercorn sauce was divine. An altogether perfect birthday dinner.

I tried a little bit of the rib-eye which was delicious (however my steak was better, haha everyone else) and I tried someone’s chimichurri which was SO GOOD it had a fabulous kick to it and I kind of wished I had ordered that as my sauce instead.

Overall: The staff were honestly so lovely and attentive, the decor is elegant meets industrial, and the food was incredible. I can’t wait to go back for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the end of the day, if it is good enough for Ewan Mcgregor it’s good enough for me!

If you have been to Chophouse or have a recommendation for me let me know in the comments.

Food: 5/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price:4 /5

Total: 18/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: If you love STEAK. I mean who doesn’t…am I right?

P.s….chicken wings

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