Have you met….Salt Cafe?

It is no secret that I adore Salt Cafe, their brunch brings me joy and happiness. I have yet to taste the rest of the menu, however it is high up on my list of things to try.

From their unique decor, tasty coffee, delicious food and lovely staff, Salt Cafe have never disappointed. Anyway you can tell by the first couple of sentences I love the place so I will stop babbling on and let you get to know them yourselves.

If you would like to read my review of them you can find it HERE , seeing as I have already written a review it seemed only natural to get to know a bit more about Salt Cafe, which you can find below.


Salt Cafe Egg Cup Of T.png


Describe Salt Cafe in three words

Friendly, chilled, community

Why the name Salt Cafe?

It’s an acronym for Seasonal And Local Thinking.  This is a mindset that we use for as many aspects as possible in our cafe.  The quality of produce available on our doorstep is second to none, we feel that it is vital to champion this.  The result is a massive list of tiny suppliers and lots and lots of paperwork, but most importantly it gives us the ability to serve up some of the freshest and best ingredients in an environment that it very accessible

Where do you see Salt Cafe in five years?

We want to be exactly where we are now, providing a warm and informal place for morning espressos, brunch dates, laid back dinners and  a carefully selected bottle of wine.  We’ve got to know our locals well, even seeing some pregnant ladies welcoming their new families to the cafe,in 5 years time we want to be serving the same families as we watch them grow up.

What is your favourite item on the Salt Cafe menu?

We are pretty well known for a lot of our brunch dishes but in all honesty for me it has to be our langoustines.  It’s a real symbol of what we are about: great produce, creel caught in the Firth of Forth and in our kitchen within a matter of hours from fishing.  We’re trying to shake off the image of seafood being something fancy and expensive, instead something much more accessible to people of all ages, its not just food for white tablecloth restaurants.

Salt Cafe Langoustines Cup of T.jpg

Give us three reasons why we should come to Salt Cafe?

1. Brunch – it’s what most people (including you!) associate us with and we serve it 7 days

2.  Coffee – since we opened we have served approximately 50,000 coffees to our locals.  We are currently the only place in Edinburgh where you can buy Papercup coffee roasted by our Glasgow-based supplier.  We think it’s pretty tasty.

3. Catch-up dinner and drinks – we’re as much of a night-time haunt as a daytime one, it’s always great to see people using our space to wind down with a glass of wine and milling over the highlights of the day together.  Our menu lends itself to a 3 course meal or just some bits and bobs to nibble on but all aspects are served with the attention to detail and execution that we have built our reputation upon.

If you had to eat anything in the world  for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Oysters.  I am an oyster fanatic.  And because anything that gets better with a glass of white wine is good in my eyes

If you had to eat anywhere in Edinburgh for the rest of your life where would it be? (Other than Salt Cafe)

Mother India’s Cafe.  The quality is always amazing and the ‘tapas’ is a great way to eat curry.  I could never get sick of curry.

Mother India’s Cafe

Salt Cafe Brunch Cup of T

What is your biggest food vice?

I’m a late convert to the burger revolution after visiting the new BRGR on Nicholson St.


Favourite city for food other than Edinburgh?

Glasgow: there are so many independent, young-minded restaurants and bars popping up and the Glaswegians are always receptive to more informal dining, which I love

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be butter Because…Butter makes everything taste better

If you are going out for a drink in Edinburgh where do you head? (Other than Salt Cafe)

The Black Cat on Rose Street.

The Black Cat

You need a coffee, where is the first place in Edinburgh you think of? (Other than Salt Cafe)

Project Coffee in Bruntsfield

Project Coffee

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media)

Personally I’m not on social media and cafe accounts don’t follow anyone…stuff of interest that I like to read up on: Noble Rot (wine magazine), LifeWithoutAndy (Aussie blog I got into when in Australia), The Skinny

Noble Rot   Life Without Andy  The Skinny

Salt Cafe Coffee Cup of T

*All pictures provided by Salt Cafe

Have you been to Salt Cafe? What did you think?

If you would like to do a ‘Have you met….’ feel free to drop me an email on my contact page HERE.

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