Summer Nights at Edinburgh Zoo

I have wanted to go to Summer Nights at Edinburgh Zoo for a long time now, and because I am lucky enough to have an awesome Mum she took us for a treat. If I am completely honest I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t realise until just before that we would actually be wandering around animals….for some reason in my odd brain I thought they wouldn’t allow that, but then I clicked and realised…well what else are they going to let us do??

Check out the video below, and underneath is a blog post on my experience.


Edinburgh Zoo Talor Gilchrist Flamingos.JPG

Summer Nights at the Zoo is like every other day at the zoo except a lot better, for many reasons.

Reason one: As you enter there is someone playing a cello next to the Meerkat enclosure. Not only a lovely way to enter but also fun to watch the Meerkats react to the music, trying to work out exactly where the strange noise was coming from.


Edinburgh Zoo Talor Gilchrist Meerkat.JPG

Reason two: Unpopular opinion about to happen apologies to those offended easily.

It was relaxing and enjoyable to walk around the zoo with zero children. I’m sorry for saying this, but I am also not sorry at all.


Edinburgh Zoo Talor Gilchrist Penguin


Reason three: the atmosphere was awesome. When you entered the main lawn it was as if you had walked into an outside bar at the Edinburgh Festival. The music was fantastic and upbeat, there was a bar and a couple of food trucks/stands.

Two ‘buts’ on this: The bartender poured the Prosecco we ordered into a wine measure so that when she poured that into the glass it fizzed up and poured everywhere, she then proceeded to just filled the glass normally without using the measure. Secondly, two Chorizo hot dogs cost us £15 – this was too pricey for the food received.


Edinburgh Zoo Sun Bear Talor Gilchrist.JPG


Reason three: The zoo keepers lead many discussions,  the one I enjoyed the most was the Sun Bears. From this, I have completely fallen in love with Sun Bears and now they are my new favourite animal.


Edinburgh Zoo Pigeon Talor Gilchrist.JPG


Reason four: As this is the Night At The Zoo it was less busy than what I have ever experienced, which was a good thing, as we were able to actually look, and take in the atmosphere of the animals. It was lovely to witness them in a more calm and relaxing environment.


Edinburgh Zoo Ants Talor Gilchrist.JPG


Reason Five: We got to have our faces painted – WOOHOO (or so I thought). Mums was beautiful, a lovely butterfly with pink, purples and blues. I saw a person walking around with an awesome Zebra on their face….so I asked for a Zebra hoping for the same thing. When I sat down the lady face painting proceeded to look at her phone realised she was meant to be closing soon even though there was a queue outside and painted my face in such a rush that I did not look like a Zebra. I was given a monobrow with some stripes and glitter. I came home to my boyfriend asking me if I was some form of Tiger. (This also cost a fiver, which I thought was a bit steep.)


Edinburgh Zoo Gin Cocktails Talor Gilchrist.JPG


Reason six: In the Budongo trail they had stalls with educational elements to them, they had DNA Daiquiri’s (I thought I was going to make my own cocktail, this was not the case), insects, microscopes that you could use with your phone (this was very cool) and you could create a bracelet/tag similar to what they use to mark each penguin.

But: in the Budongo trail they had gin cocktails, these looked stunning and sounded delicious, however at £7 a pop for a small glass that you receive warm I once again felt a bit cheated. (They were warm because they were pre-made, yes they looked beatiful sitting there but not ideal for drinking purposes).

Overall, yes I would go again as I enjoyed most of it. Have you been to Summer Nights at the Zoo? Let me know your thoughts!

*All photos taken by me

Food: 2/5

Decor: 5/5 – it’s the Zoo so of course it is awesome

Service: 5/5 – all the speakers were informative


Recommend: work parties, Zoo fanatics, and if you want a wander with a nice drink in a relaxing environment.


Total: 15/20 from Cup of T!

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