Badger & Co, Edinburgh

Smash, bang, whollop is how I felt when Badger & Co appeared on the social media scene across Edinburgh. You couldn’t miss a post from them, they were everywhere, following you and yet they hadn’t even opened yet.

Fast forward into the future (well, now the past) and I’m there trying them out. I’m not going to lie their social media marketing did pull me in, as did the link to the Wind in the Willows (the restaurant is in the author’s house).


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The interior surprised me, it was a mix of love and…..I’m not sure. It has a classic and elegant vibe, with beautiful paintings linked to the background history, the bathrooms are delightful and I also couldn’t help but admire the radiators, however on the downside it also has a huge in your face neon sign.

The smoking area is my favourite part as it is delightful, it felt as though you had left Edinburgh and entered the countryside.


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I have been to Badger & Co twice, the first time I knew exactly what I was having because I saw a picture of it on Instagram…It was the 12oz smoked borders pork chop. It comes by itself with nothing, so yes you do just get a pork chop which I was slightly surprised at so I ordered the wild mushrooms and wilted greens as a side and rocket pesto as my sauce.

My first observation was that it was overpriced purely for a porkchop, however after tasting everything I was in heaven and the price was definitely worth it. The pork was melt in the mouth and the pesto was the perfect accompaniment. Overall a firework of flavours in my mouth.


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The second time I entered Badger & Co was on a Sunday when my Mum and I decided to do some shopping and we fancied brunch beforehand. I suggested here as it is incredibly central (Castle Street) and I wanted to see what the breakfast menu was like. This is due to my favourite meal being brunch…so I judge it pretty critically….


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Honestly, I was impressed. I had the smoked salmon crumpets with scrambled eggs, this is not something that I would usually order however it was screaming at me from the menu, and my gut is normally always right. It was also only £7.50 which I believe to be a reasonable price.

It was the perfect amount of food, the salmon was delicious and fresh, the eggs were flavoursome and creamy and the crumpets were fabulous. I would definitely recommend it and I will be sure to have it again.


Badger & Co Salmon Crumpet Cup of T.jpg

In conclusion, I really like Badger & Co it’s a bit different with delicious food and a fabulous atmosphere, you couldn’t really ask for a better combination.

If you have been to Badger & Co or have a recommendation for me let me know in the comments.

Food: 5/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Price:4 /5

Total: 16/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: It’s what I would describe as somewhere you would want to show off to someone visiting Edinburgh.

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