Moon and Hare, Edinburgh


A vegan cafe would not have been my first choice for brunch, however upon going I would happily return and I will tell you why.

(I am a foodblogger after all it would seem silly not to tell you why)


Moon and Hare Window.jpg


The staff are so friendly and will help you with any questions that you have, we walked in literally as soon as they had opened and although they were clearly doing prep they would drop whatever was in their hand to make sure we were okay.

Moon and Hare describe themselves as an ‘Artisan Eatery’ which I would see as a bold statement to make about yourself, yet a true one from what I tried.


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The first thing that comes to my head when I think about the interior is Peter Rabbit, why?  Because of the pale blues, the streaming daylight, the rabbits, and the many plants.  (I say many because you could literally smell the greenery)

For a drink I decided to have the glorious green smoothie (£4.50), which was filled with spinach, apple, ginger, coriander, cucumber and orange juice.  The reason why I chose this particular one was because I wanted to know why coriander  was added, as it is one of my favourite flavours and yet I have never tried it in a drink.  It was delicious I really enjoyed it, quite frothy but in a good way. You also get a lot for your money as it was filled to the brim.


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When it came to the food it was a tough decision for me, the vegan waffles were calling my name, but then I had to decide between a half portion (£4.50) and a full portion (£7.00).  It was a tough decision, I’m essentially being asked to half my food…but then what if the whole one was too much….argh.  My boyfriend then pointed out ‘Talor look at the size of the waffle machine.’ It was a rather large waffle machine, so the decision was over and I went for the half portion.


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I know you’re wondering, and yes the half portion was perfect for me.  The waffles come with sliced banana, coconut butter, maple syrup and coconut chips.  Holy mother of all things food, that coconut butter was to die for, and those chips? Weeeeeeew. It was incredibly refreshing, a dreamy  brunch, that was sweet, fluffy and to die for.  I didn’t leave feeling overly full, I left with a sense of just right.


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In fact, I am quite sad now, why? Because this was actually quite a while ago and I forgot about those waffles until I wrote this.  Now I am annoyed at myself for not going back.

See you soon Moon and Hare.

Food: 4/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Price:4 /5

Total: 15/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: If you are vegan, or if you just like waffles (like me)

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