Have you met….Tuk Tuk?

On Leven Street opposite the Kings Theatre sits Tuk Tuk, a little piece of heaven. If anyone ever asks me where I go for an Indian in Edinburgh I will always recommend Tuk Tuk. Why?

Their menu is huge but the dishes are the perfect size to share a few, so you never feel as though you are missing out.

They are BYOB which is always great, especially if you are going with a big party.

They are reasonably priced, everytime I go I am always hugely surprised at the amount I’ve eaten and how little money I have spent.

But now it is your time to get to know them.


Describe Tuk Tuk in three words 

Contemporary, stylish, and vibrant!

Why the name Tuk Tuk?

The name Tuk Tuk was inspired by the colourful rickshaw automobiles that transport all walks of life in India from businessmen to families as an inexpensive way to commute from place to place. We see the name Tuk Tuk as a culinary adventure for your taste buds to bring you the flavours of Indian street culture and the food hawkers of India.

Where do you see Tuk Tuk in five years?

After being open for three years in Edinburgh, we are now expanding to our second site in Glasgow which we are thrilled about. In five years, we hope to have fed lots of hungry people all over the UK!

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

Golgappa is one of our favourite dishes! Golgappa is a popular Indian street food snack and our most favorite of all chaats, made from a round shaped small crispy puri!

Give us three reasons why we should come to Tuk Tuk ? 

1. We have a chilled out atmosphere during the day where you can come by and have a mango lassi or chai tea!

2. We bring you something a little different than other Indian restaurants with the most authentic Indian street food dishes!

3. There is a brand new lunch menu with Indian soft drinks coming up for summer!

If you had to eat anything in the world  for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

We can’t lie, but we do love a burger!

If you had to eat anywhere in Edinburgh (other than Tuk Tuk) for the rest of your life where would it be?

We have a lot of vegetarian options on our menu, but our friends at Henderson’s are spot on and inspiring with their vegetarian menu!

What is your biggest food vice?

We recently collaborated with our friends at Deadly Donuts for National Donut Day, who created a delicious Raj Donut, inspired by Indian naan bread and chutney…so you can guess, we do love a sweet treat every now and again!

Deadly Donuts Facebook


Favourite city for food other than Edinburgh? 

London or Hong Kong, we feel are always so inspiring for new food trends and restaurants! Naturally, we love the flavours of Indian food, but we are also partial to Chinese and Thai food!

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be  ….. Because…

If I had to be food I would be Far Far because its light, colourful and unusual!

If you are going out for a drink in Edinburgh where do you head?  (Other than Tuk Tuk)

Our friends at Hoot the Redeemer make a pretty mean cocktail! Otherwise Innis & Gunn’s Beer Kitchen down the road is also a good shout.

Hoot the Redeemer website

The Beer Kitchen Website

You need a coffee, where is the first place in Edinburgh you think of? 

We do often pop into our neighbours at Leo & Ted for a coffee!

Leo and Ted Facebook

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media) 

We love Instagram accounts: @OhMyEdinburgh, @LittleBaoHK, and @FuturePositive!

@OhMyEdinburgh         @LittleBaoHK      @FuturePositive_


Read my review of Tuk Tuk from earlier this year here: Tuk Tuk, Edinburgh

If you or someone you know would like to do an ‘Have You Met…’ post get in contact with me HERE

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Twitter: Tuk Tuk Edinburgh

Instagram: Tuk Tuk Edinburgh

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*All pictures with a white table and blue background are provided by Tuk Tuk  

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