We are raising money for Sands!

This post has nothing to do with food, just to let you know from the beginning.

My friends and I are raising money for a charity called Sands (find website here: Sands UK) and we are doing this by climbing Ben Nevis in July. If you would like to support us by donating please do on our Just Giving page here: Fundraising Page

“Sands supports anyone affected by the death of a baby, works in partnership with health professionals to try to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care and funds research that could help to reduce the numbers of babies dying and families devastated by this tragedy.”

We travelled to the West Coast of Scotland and stayed at Rocklea, Little Gruinard so we could practice for July, and you can see how we got on in the video below.

We have called ourselves the ‘Unorganised Crabs’ and the ‘Little Nightmares’ from the beginning, why? We are a group of girls who have set ourselves a challenge for a good cause and yet it doesn’t always go our way.

1.Climbing Arthur’s Seat, which to the average person is a leisurely stroll, we decided to go the hard way up, which we did not realise. It was also covered in snow and ice. This resulted in us behaving like we were climbing up Mount Everest as we continued to slide around, fall over and cling onto the hill for dear life. We were so fed up that on the way down we thought it would be easiest to either crawl, or slide on our backside, back down the hill.


2.We drove all the way to Ben Lomond later than we should have and so we were driving through the pitch black. The car then decided to conk out while on corners in the middle of the road, this lead to shear panic and nervous laughter. When the car started again we kept going, this concluded with breaks failing, not once but twice, on an incredibly steep hill on a narrow and dangerous corner. Thank god for my hand brake and the police who came to the rescue. In the morning we realised that if we had not used the hand brake we would have rolled right into Loch Lomond.

3. Seeing as it was my car that broke down I refused to climb Ben Lomond until I knew exactly what was happening to my car. This resulted in us getting towed back to Edinburgh, not climbing Ben Lomond, and me finding out the cost to fix my car was between £700-£1000. We named the car Voldemort after this, and it is safe to say he no longer exists.

Can you see where our nicknames come from yet?

We need all the support we can get and you can do this by donating to Sands Uk on our: Just Giving Page. There will be a follow up video of our Ben Nevis journey, and no doubt we will end up living up to our given nicknames once again.

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