Urban Angel, Edinburgh 

Sorry Edinburgh, I’m going to get controversial.

I have positives and I have negatives, which would you like to hear first? The décor is beautiful, rustic, quaint and individual. It is clear Urban Angel looks after itself and it’s interior design never fails to impress.The staff appear to be consistently swept off of their feet, I often go here for lunch during work, but I have also been for a sit down meal. Both experiences have been completely different.

When you sit down in Urban Angel you can’t help but feel a nuisance as the waiter/waitress is more concerned with putting the food down in front of you than anything else and so there is no personal touch in communication. It is a busy place so I doubt there is a concern about this as they don’t fail in any way to get people through the door.

However when I have been in for a take away lunch (usually soup which I will get to later) I have had nothing but a warm welcome. The staff make it clear they are pretty busy but they will try to serve you as soon as possible,  because I have been a couple times now one of the ladies recognises me and always gives me a warm smile and a ‘How are you today?’ which is top customer service in my opinion. The recognition of regulars I believe is so important because it makes them not only feel special, but also comfortable and wanting to come back for more.

On the other end of the spectrum while sitting in, when you feel like you have been forgotten about or are not really wanted, the opposite reaction occurs.  I ordered green tea which came in a kettle and tasted as you would expect it to, and we also ordered a  breakfast smoothie, not only was it beautifully presented it also tasted delightful. (There is a but unfortunately) It was tiny, I reckon the glass was about the size of the palm of my hand, it cost around £4.90, an upsetting price in comparison.  We ordered the eggs benedict with  bacon and  avocado and ricotta on toast. The portion of the eggs benedict was a great size, my portion of toast however was so-so. In fact I didn’t leave full to put it into perspective.

 The eggs benedict was deemed tasty, and the avocado and ricotta on toast was okay, I have to say the lime truly saved the dish. Now as we live in the days of ‘Avo Toast’ there are many places in Edinburgh that sell avocado on toast for the same price and their portions are larger and delicious.

I am going to go back to the soup, I have Urban Angel soup probably around once a week, and each and every time the soup makes my day. It is thick hearty soup with a lot of love poured into it. Not only that but you are also offered bread with it and I will always remember the joy of opening my take away bag to find two LARGE slices of gorgeous brown bread (larger than the slice of avo toast).

This to me was a hearty meal and exactly what I needed for lunch (hence why I keep going back). It only comes to around £3.50 which in my personal opinion is a wonderful price for what you get, it fills me up and pleases me more than the avocado toast did which unfortunately comes to £8 *gasps*. 

For me, it is as if taking away and sitting in are two completely different places. I don’t know why, or how, but it is so frustrating for me because I would love nothing more than to sit down for lunch in Urban Angel and enjoy every aspect.

I am not going to give up on it, because it is a great place and I couldn’t go a week without treating myself to their beautiful soup.

Restaurant website: Urban Angel

Food: 3/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Price: 2/5

(I can’t handle that my slice of toast was £8, the take away aspect gets the most points, the sit in unfortunately removed them)

Total: 11/20 from Cup of T!

Recommend: the take-away lunch, their food is delicious and it is worth an experience, there is often a queue out of the door so I would try and work out the best time to go.

Please let me know your thoughts if you have been!

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