Origano, Edinburgh

As a foodblogger there is nothing more satisfying than watching a place you love flourish and succeed. I am so happy to say that it has happened to Origano on Leith Walk.

I remember sitting in the previous premises and it being incredibly small, elbow to elbow with the people sitting next to us, and although squished in, leaving with the desire to try it again. This wee restaurant had an incredibly friendly atmosphere and you felt as if you were sitting in a warm family dining room.

When I came back from University last year I was told to try out a restaurant called Origano on Leith Walk, I replied ‘PFFT, I already have! The tiny delicious pizza place?’ They disagreed and said ‘What are you talking about it’s huge’, and we decided to agree to disagree. Of course in this case, we were both right, as the small restaurant that I had eaten in is now Origino Go, its take away place, and across the road is the brand new Origino, larger than ever.

 My mums birthday was coming up and she was adamant to go, so she booked an area for the family and a date was set for me to go back to the memorable pizza place. I couldn’t help but worry that due to it expanding the friendly family feeling could have been left behind at the smaller premises.

I was wrong, inside was buzzing, comforting and friendly. The decor is warm, filled with reds and pinks with the odd dash of green here and there to match the exterior. I also loved how you could see right into the kitchen to see the beautiful big pizza oven.

We had the biggest table in the place, which was a well decorated corner booth, both comfortable and perfect for bigger parties. I hate it when a large group are sat down at a long skinny table so you are only able to talk to those in front of you, thankfully this was not like that. 
We decided to share a mix of bruschetta, we chose: Bruschetta Classic, Bruschetta Funghi (mushroom, gorgonzola, cream, garlic, parsley, truffle oil) and Bruschetta Pepperonata (goats cheese, rocket, garlic, mixed peppers, balsamic syrup). Unfortunately to the greediness of myself and the rest of the party, taking a photo of the food was not an option at this point. Out of the three my favourite was the Bruschetta Pepperonata, goats cheese and rocket are two of my favourite ingredients, they work well together, and the peppers were perfect for added sweetness.

When we were deciding what to  order we were craning our necks to check out what size of pizza others had ordered in the restaurant to see what was manageable.  The testosterone was flaring as to who could handle the biggest pizza, there was no way I was even trying because of the starters so I went for the 11″ Funghi which had mushrooms, wild mushrooms, garlic, and truffle oil. It was a concoction I knew could do no wrong and I was right it was lovely, I often order the pizza with mushrooms on it when it comes to anywhere with pizza on the menu, and this has to be one of my favourites.

All of the pizzas looked fantastic, and everyone was swapping pizzas here and there so that they could try different ones. You were lucky if you had a slice of mine.

The service was great, the lady was friendly and attentive. The  vibe of the smaller restaurant was still there and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

*Raises glass* So here’s to Origano for sticking to its roots and only getting better.

Food: 5/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 5/5

(Pizzas range from £7 – £17)

Total: 17/20 from Cup of T!

Recommended for pizza lovers, casual dining and family meals.

Restaurant website: Origano

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