The Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh

I have walked past The Caffeine Drip many times and have never thought to have gone in, there is no reason to this as somewhere even remotely related to a good cup of coffee usually has my name on it.

From the outside I have always thought it was tiny, little did I know it has a large basement area. It has a very ‘underground’ vibe, to the coffee bean sacks attached to the walls to the lighting, at first I felt slightly claustrophobic.

One look at the menu however and my mind was no longer on my surroundings. I have been here on two occasions, the first a suggested breakfast place and the second I suggested it to a friend for breakfast, you can see where this post will be heading. I will start with the first occasion.

We began with smoothies, I went for the ‘Muizenberg’ which had mango, pineapple, frozen yoghurt and orange juice, this was refreshing and the ideal morning drink. The other smoothie ordered was the ‘Morning Glory’ which had strawberry, banana, oats, honey and almond milk, this unfortunately arrived warm.

 We both decided to order the same thing for breakfast, which is always disappointing for me as I always want to try at least two things when I am out to eat (mine and yours). We went for wild mushroom, bacon and poached eggs on sour dough. I LOVE mushrooms my eyes are always dragged to a dish on the menu when it includes mushrooms, I also adore poached eggs and funnily enough I don’t believe I have ever had them together.

 Over all a fantastic dish and I couldn’t have asked for any more from it, in fact I am really unsure as to why there is an option without bacon…who in their right mind would not have BACON… anyway off topic. The big test, the one you have all been waiting for is…did it pass the runny yolk test, well I will tell you my friends, yes, yes it did.

The service here is similar to Nando’s in that you have to order at a counter rather than table service, I don’t like this in any food place however like this entire blog that is my personal opinion.

 Round two, this time I was coming at The Caffeine Drip with a different angle. First off, coffee – I approve. My friend ordered tea, it came in this beautiful tray with the most adorable little milk jug I have ever seen. As you can imagine the phones were out and the tea tray had its five minutes of Instagram fame.

We then ordered the same thing (I know right?) which was the French toast with grilled banana and maple syrup. I have never had the option of putting grilled banana on my French toast,  but it was divine to say the least… I will soon be grilling my own banana because of this tasty example.

WOW, so beautifully made. These guys know how to do breakfast, it is not often you have two completely different breakfasts in the same place and be pleased with both options. I tell you what, fancy going for breakfast? I know this great place…

Restaurant website:

Food: 5/5

Decor: 2/5

Service: 3/5

Price: 4/5

(Wild mushroom, bacon and egg : £8.95, French toast w/ banana: £7.95, – bit pricey for me.)

Total: 14/20 from Cup of T!

Recommended for treating someone special to a beautiful breakfast with a casual atmosphere.

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