Civerinos, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is inundated with Italian restaurants, yet I have never been WOWED by a pizza….until now.

Civerinos is located on Hunter’s Square, at first I thought…bit of an odd location. Now I think they have really thought this one through as they are essentially at the centre of everything. They get the bustling crowds of the Edinburgh festival during the summer and are in a perfect location for students during the rest of the year. However this pizza is worth travelling for so the location doesn’t actually matter.


  A memorable time there was during the Edinburgh festival and we decided to sit outside… BEST DECISION, I can only describe it as the most enjoyable people watching experience you will ever have. Oh, and I think you can sit outside all year round…if you want to face the cold.

I have been there a handful of times and funnily enough the majority of the time I start eating before I remember to take a picture, so on this particular occasion I managed to control myself so I could actually write a blog post about it.

Out of the pizza’s I have tried the: pepperoni, nduja sausage, Italian sausage and last but not least the meatball pizza. All incredibly mouthwatering however my favourite has to be the meatball pizza, this pizza is all about the beautiful tomatoey melt in the mouth ragu with the flavoursome meatballs. Just a big slice of YES. Funnily enough it is not one I would have ordered initially and the only reason I have tried it is because a friend ordered it, so now I have officially had one all to myself.  Well, I tried to as they are GINORMOUS and I always forget about big they are. Every time I am there I think to myself ‘I will definitely share one next time’ but unfortunately they are too tasty and I am too selfish to fulfil this thought.

On first entering Civerinos I am ALWAYS impressed by the interior, it is so classic yet modern and completely has its own personality, which can’t be said for many restaurants. The dining is very casual as you have to share tables with other people and you sit on benches. Occasionally you will suffer the very British problem of having to politely sit next to someone without stepping on them.

The staff have always been very polite and lovely to me and the restaurant has a very sociable vibe to it. I have yet to experience a late night there but from their Instagram (@civerinos) it looks like I am missing out.

As mentioned before I always fill myself up on pizza before I can even think about their dessert, however I am DESPERATE to try the Nutella calzone (yes you did read that correctly) I guess I will just have to go back…Maybe see you there?

Restaurant website:


Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5

(Pizzas: £11-£16, on Mondays and Tuesdays it is £10 for a Pizza and Peroni, BARGAIN)

Total: 20/20 from Cup of T!

Recommended for pizza lovers, people watchers and a chilled night with friends/relatives/ other halves.

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