Talor Travels….New York

This blog post is going to be EVERYTHING New York. I adore it as a city, and I am very lucky that my friend Jess lives there so not only did I experience the tourist side but also the local.

You will find a video below which includes everything I managed to get up to (I like to be kept busy as you will see), and underneath the video is a round up of my foodie adventures!

I don’t want to bore you by rambling so my food reviews will be kept to a minimum, all of their websites will be at the bottom of the page.

If you have been or are going let me know what you get up to when you are there!

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Day 1:  Koreatown! We ended up in Food Gallery 32 for lunch and it had many different options from dumplings to sushi. Jess decided on sushi and I decided on spicy chicken teriyaki with rice.

Rating: 5/5 – Huge portion/Very cheap/Tasty

Recommend: Quick/Hearty lunch

Day 1:Dinner in Hoboken. Jess was recommended a Mexican called Charritos. We had the guacamole with tortilla chips to begin with, the guacamole was made fresh in front of us and tasted heavenly. I then decided on the enchiladas nortenas (the shredded beef version) which were delicious. We then waddled home filled to the brim.

Rating: 5/5 – Delicious/BYOB (if you bring Tequila they will make you margaritas)

Recommend: If you love Mexican food

Day 2: Breakfast at Brooklyn Diner (not Tiffany’s unfortunately), this was located just off of Times Square. I assumed it would be a classic American diner as it was red, flashy and neon on the outside however it was black marble and polished wood on the inside (talk about judging a book, I was gutted). I was desperate for pancakes so I was given overly expensive, not even pretty, okay tasting chocolate chip pancakes.

The best part was sitting next to (and eavesdropping) two men who can only be described as two Barney Stinson’s. (How I Met Your Mother reference – Google it)

Rating: 2/5 – expensive/underwhelming food/lovely staff

Recommend: No


Day 3: My first New York bagel, this was to cure myself from the night before and it worked like a dream. SO TASTY, bagels will never be the same again. I had an onion bagel with cream cheese from Bread and Butter.

Rating: 5/5 – this shop/deli appeared to have everything you could ever want

Recommend: Feeling fragile? You now know where to go.

Day 3: Beyonce mentioned it in a song so we decided to go to …. Red Lobster (that makes sense right?). As mentioned before I was fragile on day 3 so I struggled to eat this, however I took it home in a doggy bag and demolished the lot, I have to say I enjoyed the shrimp a lot more than the lobster. I did not enjoy the fact that they made me put it in the doggy bag myself…

Rating: 3/5 – Long wait (45 mins)/ doggy bag situation

Recommend: If you love seafood and biscuits (scones to us) – which are weird and I don’t understand the point in them.

Day 4: One of the best brunches I have ever had. Jess and her friends had a deal were you could pay a certain amount of money for anything on the brunch menu and have unlimited fizz cocktails. The restaurant was called Nighthawks and the famous Edward Hopper diner painting is based on it (Google it). I had the French toast with hazelnut chocolate spread, caramel sauce, and caramelised apples.

Rating: 5/5 – Amazing deal/Tasty food/ Lovely staff

Recommend: Boozy brunch

Day 4: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Oh… you haven’t been here? WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN HERE?! Go, just go. That is all I have to say.

P.S the ice cream above is dipped in dark chocolate and covered in pretzels, yeah.. that’s what you’re missing.

Rating: 5/5 – Delicious/So many toppings/ Fantastic name

Recommend: Everyone and anyone must go.

 Day 4: This small piece of heaven is a curry wrap and my eyes rolled into the back of my head while eating the entire thing. It is from a lovely place called Corkbuzz in Chelsea Market, unfortunately I clumsily poured my entire glass of water down myself in an area that was not ideal so I essentially ruined my own experience. Jess had the 3 Crostini’s and she loved them all especially the ricotta one.

Rating: 5/5 – Lovely food/Great location

Recommend: For wine lovers and for a tasty light snack

Day 4: A few cocktails later and an empty stomach we decided to grab some good and proper New York pizza. I had a buffalo chicken slice (sweet and spicy) and Jess had one with what we think is sour cream…? I know this place is in the Meatpacking district and opposite a speak-easy bar, I hope you manage to find it because it was a GREAT slice of pizza.

Rating: 5/5 -Tasty Pizza/ Friendly staff

Recommend: I would if I knew its name. (Sorry)


 Day 5: Nigella Lawson posted a photo from this particular pie shop and ever since then I have followed them on Instagram and drooled over every picture, this was two years ago. I told Jess I wanted to go and she made it happen! I had the chocolate julep slice and Jess had the salted caramel apple, they were both mouth watering and super sweet, completely dreamy. The whole trip was rounded off by them posting my picture on their Instagram!

Rating: 5/5 – I used the words DROOLED and DREAMY  in this review

Recommend: Do you love pie? Of course you do, SO GO I TELL YOU.

Day 5: Jess took us to a restaurant called Gaonnuri which was inside a sky scraper with the most beautiful view of New York, the whole experience was incredible. Why you ask? The waitress cooks your food in front of you on a grill. We chose dumplings and glass noodles to start with and then we decided on the duck, pork belly, chicken and shrimp platter and it came with many sides such as salads, pickled cucumber and sweet potato. DIVINE.

Rating: 5/5 Food/View/Service

Recommend: If you are not afraid of heights and don’t mind the food being cooked in front of you.

Day 6: Eataly had been mentioned a few times over the course of this holiday and it was right next to my favourite New York building (the Flat Iron), so it seemed like the right thing to do to have breakfast there! I ordered what sounded like  a good cup of coffee unfortunately it was in a cup about an inch tall and I was gutted.HOWEVER I had a wander around the market and it is an incredible place!

Rating: 3/5 – Didn’t try enough to rate properly

Recommend: Any foodie should go here it is filled to the brim with delights!

 Day 6: Due to it becoming famous because of Sex and the City I had to try out the Magnolia Bakery, I ordered a slice of the peanut butter and jelly cake (because….America). Not only was it the size of my entire head I was also walking around Grand Central Station with a serious sugar rush. (Yes I ate the whole thing myself)

Rating: 5/5 – Cake.

Recommend: If you love cake.

Day 6: I would have been really annoyed with myself if I hadn’t tried Shake Shack because I wanted to know what the fuss was about. However I am now annoyed I have tried it as I had bigged it up so much for myself that I was essentially set for disappointment. Takes a great picture though and the chips are pretty good.

Rating: 4/5 – Five Guys is better

Recommend: It’s something to try


If you actually read up to this point on this post I feel like I owe you a long hug, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love,



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