Contini Cannonball Restaurant, Edinburgh

The perfect restaurant if you want to eat directly in front of Edinburgh Castle.

We were lucky enough to get the best seat in the entire restaurant as we had a spectacular view of the castle, as you can see in the picture below.

The Cannonball restaurant’s entrance is beautiful and as we went at the end of December there was a wonderful Christmas vibe. I believe it is in an old school building as there are small clues such as a room with ‘Headmasters Office’ signposted.

We were the first people to enter the restaurant and we had the place to ourselves, however the seats filled up in no time.

We were celebrating a late Christmas so we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely bottle of Prosecco. The menu was fantastic as there were many different options to choose from and a lot of local produce used.

The haggis ‘cannonballs’ (starter) immediately jumped at me from the page, if it shares a name with the restaurant then the pressure was definitely on as it HAD to taste good.


They were haggis with pickled turnip, mustard cream and a whisky marmalade.

Not only did these share a name with the restaurant but I also LOVE haggis so if it wasn’t good I was going to be gutted.

However they were delightful, filled with flavour and the whisky marmalade brought the whole dish together.

The cannonballs started the meal off with a bang (excuse the pun), now time for the main course.

Jill had the turkey, caramelised root vegetables, stuffing and red current gravy. It looked incredible as the plate was piled high, this was no ordinary Christmas dinner and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

MY MAIN COURSE was the pan roasted duck, quince jam, pickled red cabbage with a potato rosti.

I wasn’t impressed by the rosti as it was bland and chewy however this can be forgiven as the duck and quince jam were lovely. Overall it was a rich dish that I semi-enjoyed and I have to say that the presentation was okay. However I really care how my food looks, many others don’t!


Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 4/5  (Starters: £5-11, Mains: £12-18)

Total: 17/20 from Cup of Tee!

Recommended for someone visiting from outside of Edinburgh for a lovely view of the castle with their dinner, or for a family occasion!

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