Tuk Tuk, Edinburgh

I have only been here a couple of times but I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is now my go-to Indian, and it helps that it is BYOB, so when my friends suggested to go here for something to eat I was all over it!

It is essentially Indian tapas, so we all picked a couple of dishes each with some people sharing, a lot of us had eyes bigger than our bellies on this particular occasion, as we ordered….A LOT.

Lindsey and I decided to share the Pakora platter, which was deep fried veg with a wee dipping sauce, and Poppadoms with the Tuk Tuk chutney. The poppadoms and chutney were gone before I could even try to take a photograph…woops. The pakoras were exactly what they stated, and pretty tasty, Lindsey thought they were great, and the pappadoms were lovely with a fab selection of chutneys!

For myself I ordered the Chicken Lollipops which are the first thing on the menu and I love chicken wings so these seemed like an obvious choice. SO HAPPY I ordered them as they were super delicious, not dry in the slightest with an incredible seasoned batter.


For my other dish (as I cleverly only ordered two dishes for myself unlike some people….haha) I ordered the Chicken Achari (Number 17) which is chicken still on the bone cooked with lime and pickle. Now this is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it is quite tart, but I adore this dish. The chicken is perfect and falls off the bone, and there is enough sauce left to scoop up with the pappadoms and naan bread (ideal).

  A couple of the girls ordered the Ginger Garlic Chicken (Number 11) and the Butter Chicken (Number 12). The first dish was chicken in a ginger and pepper sauce, and the second was chicken in a buttery sauce with almonds. Both of these went down very well, Butter Chicken for me is an all round winner, and the Ginger Garlic Chicken appeared to be a top contender for favourite dish around the table. There was also a lot of discussion as to what was spicy and what wasn’t and no one agreed so this one is down to you guys trying things out yourself!

 I love this place, I would go back again and again. It is reasonably priced, doesn’t charge for corkage, and is super delicious. You can really tell a lot of effort and love go into the food at Tuk Tuk.  I would highly recommend!

If you have been or are going, let me know your thoughts!

Tuk Tuk website : http://tuktukonline.com/


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