Mums, Edinburgh

My cousin is on the Paleo diet, which I don’t know much about, but I do know he has to avoid gluten and dairy. So when my Aunt and Uncle suggested we go out for lunch I found it hard to find somewhere for us to go, however my Aunt managed to stumble upon Mums online.


I knew exactly where Mums was located as I had walked past it many times, but I honestly had no idea it was a restaurant I always just assumed it was a cafe/deli. It is very vintage and retro inside, from the TV in the shape of a bikers helmet playing Hong Kong Phooey to the classic tomato shaped tomato ketchup bottles.

I had not had any breakfast when I arrived so I went for the brunch option which was the Eggs Benedict, it was not very pretty but super delicious. The eggs were perfectly poached with a runny inside, and the hollandaise had a sweet taste to it. It filled me up perfectly and only cost £5.95!

As I mentioned before my cousin can only eat certain things, and so my Aunt ordered him the sausage and mash, which was a fab option as the sausages are gluten free and the mash was vegan friendly. The waitress was very lovely when ordering the food and understood he can only eat certain things as I believe she said she couldn’t eat dairy either. My Aunt went for the Veggie classic breakfast, I reckon she enjoyed it as she ended up with an empty plate. It was pretty big and only cost £6.95, the prices in this place were unbelievable!

 My two cousins ordered the Burger and the (kids) macaroni cheese! The burger looked fantastic, it was apparently quite sweet but still tasty. The macaroni cheese was quite a big portion for my wee cousin however help was at hand from the rest of the table! My uncle ordered the red pepper soup and said it needed some seasoning.

The waitress(es) were lovely, lively and very upbeat. The restaurant itself is good, and I would go back for many reasons :

  • The prices are incredible for such large hearty meals
  • It would be ideal for hangovers
  • The alcoholic milkshakes sound amazing
  • It is ideal for those with food intolerances/ on a particular diet
  • Fun atmosphere


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