David Bann, Edinburgh 

Well, if you like vegetables, this is the place for you!

I have wanted to try David Bann for a while now, purely because I wanted to see if there was a restaurant that could sway me away from enjoying meat. People avoid eating meat altogether for so many different reasons, and so I thought it was important to experience a meal were meat wasn’t involved, as I have to say that I USED to be one of those people who couldn’t see a life without it.      

The décor was very simple, yet elegant and had a formal air to it. However the first thing I noticed as soon as I sat down was the complete lack of music. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of this, I enjoy background noise unless I’m concentrating on something. However the table had separate opinions over the music, as my Dad thoroughly enjoyed it and believed it made people speak to each other. Talking to a friend about this as they had mentioned that they had been to David Bann before said they remember music playing, so maybe on this occasion there was a technical difficulty. (Let me know if you have been and whether there was music!) 

This entire conversation seemed to find the marmite of restaurant reviewing – music/ no music or what music should be playing?



Drinks! My dad and Wendy both ordered a Kir Royale and they both enjoyed them, however I ordered a Bellini and didn’t enjoy it at all, it had Peach Schnapps in it, and I prefer the classic Bellini with peach purée. This one was far too sweet for me! 

Starters! I ordered the olive polenta with goats curd and roasted vegetables. I had completely forgotten that the polenta was olive until right now when I re-read the menu, so I didn’t taste that, however the overall dish was really tasty, I’m a huge fan of polenta. I also love goats cheese so could have done with a wee bit more, however lovely all the same!

Lewis ordered the smoked and marinated tofu, which was exactly what it said on the tin, however it did not taste good. I’m not one of those people who have a vendetta against tofu as I know many people do, it was just the fact that it quite literally tasted like smoke… Not my cup of tea… It may be yours.

Mains! I HAD a to order this main purely because it came with CHOCOLATE SAUCE…. It was the chilli pancake with grilled sweet potato, courgette and chocolate sauce. I really enjoyed this, mainly because of the chocolate sauce aspect, it was REAL chocolate as well, no dairy milk for miles! The dish as a whole was VERY filling. It didn’t look like much, but your eyes are lying to you. I apologise for the amount I have said ‘chocolate sauce’.

Pudding! No one really had room for a pudding, however I noticed home-made chocolates filled with sambuca on the menu (of course I did), so my Dad and I decided to get the desserts for two to share (Which ended up being for four to share). This included vanilla and whiskey pannacotta, sambuca chocolates, coffee and white chocolate, hot apple and calvados tart, raspberry ice cream and pineapple sorbet. A good mixture of desserts especially between four people who only want a wee taste! The sambuca chocolates did not have the bad after taste that the drink sambuca does, they were more of a mild flavour, and tasted lovely. My favourites from this dish were the raspberry ice cream and the sambuca chocolates.

 The service was great, everyone was lovely, polite and chatty. The entire restaurant was buzzing, and filled with people.

I would suggest you go here if you are a vegetarian, have a vegetarian friend or relative, or have a vegetarian visiting you. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell yet…its a vegetarian restaurant. Unfortunately it did not put me off of meat, however I will go back as it was lovely.


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