️Edinburgh Larder, Edinburgh 

Wow. I have wanted to try Edinburgh Larder for a long time now, but have never had the chance until now.

My mum and I love to go out for lunch, and we do it quite often, but we have a habit of always going to the same old same old. So I suggested here as a change, and I’m so happy I did!

I was always a bit unsure as it is located downstairs in what looks like a basement flat and I thought it may be quite dark for a lunch time nibble, I was very wrong. The décor of the entire restaurant was one of the best parts for me, it was a lot bigger than expected and filled with light due to its glass roof. It has natural walls of rock and stone, wood everywhere, fairy lights (in a classy way not a tacky way) and has a very comfortable atmosphere. It was very photogenic, which of course I loved.

We nearly missed out on the lunch menu, however the waitress was very kind and let us order from it. In fact the waitress was really lovely the whole time, so friendly and chatty. 

Our eyes darted towards the specials board and we both knew we immediately had to try it, it was the potato and wild mushroom lasagne with leaves and an elderberry vinaigrette. It was honestly so delicious, it was more of a potato dauphinoise than a lasagne, but that doesn’t matter as it was so divine.


 I spied the puddings before I even ordered, and knew I was having one before I had even started my main meal! The lunch menu is small but it is still very hard to choose what you would like as it all sounds so delicious.

My mum went for the hedgerow crumble with pear and sweet woodruff icecream. She said it was really good, and if she was ever to make a crumble she would hope it tasted like this one. However my mum seems to be one of those people who finds stones in her olives or bones in her fish, and on this occasion she found many plum stones, which wasn’t ideal for her.

I decided to go for the date pudding with rum ice cream and a butterscotch sauce, however they didn’t have the rum ice cream so they gave me vanilla, I wasn’t bothered as I hadn’t realised the ice cream was meant to be rum as I was too busy looking at the butterscotch sauce part…. This too was so delicious, and normally I don’t like ice cream on top of hot puddings but on this occasion it actually turned the sauce hard… But in a good way, so that it was like eating werthers originals… It was very tasty. The pudding itself was also delicious and not heavy in the slightest, to the point were I asked if there was flour in it, there was but they steam the pudding to make it really light and fluffy!

 We left feeling full, but not the horrible feeling of full…. The good feeling of full? That sentence makes sense in my mind….

I’m so happy I finally experienced the wonder that is the Edinburgh Larder, I think I was a bit snap happy on this occasion as the waitress asked if we were from Edinburgh…. Clearly thinking I was a tourist… Woops. She also suggested that we try out the cafe as well which is where she normally works. So I definitely will if the bistro is anything to go by!

Edinburgh Larder is located on Alva Street, and I would suggest everyone try it out for any occasion, and I will probably see you there!

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