Smoke Stack, Edinburgh

In this case, simplicity was very much key.

We were hungry, wanted some dinner and wandered into the first place that was in front of us. This turned out to be a great decision.

The décor is understated yet lovely, all wood and chalkboard and in a delightful kind of way mirrored the atmosphere and food. Everything very much goes hand in hand with Smoke Stack.


For a drink Lewis of course ordered some green drink thing that is super healthy and what not, he said ‘Okay ,bit too much apple juice’, and I (funnily enough) decided to go to the other end of the spectrum and order the … wait for it…. IMG_3689


Fudge Ice cream, milk, banana and caramel sauce…. it tasted like a banoffee pie in a glass, it was lovely! I would have loved some fancy shmancy cream or something on the top so I could take a picture and boast about my amazing milkshake, however it tasted good sooo….I’ll get over it.


Food! I ordered the Club Sandwich – smoked bacon, chicken, rocket, tomato and garlic mayonnaise on a ciabatta. This was AMAZING. I had a couple of the chips because the sandwich was HUGE.  

This honestly tasted amazing, Lewis just had a chicken burger and was looking at mine with serious envy, he was lucky I was struggling to eat it as otherwise I would not have offered him a bite…! (He said his was good too though) I was really impressed with how full of flavour they managed to put into a club sandwich, especially the garlic mayo! I was also impressed with the chips as they were more crispy than fluffy, which is my personal favourite.

I just so happened to be facing the daily specials board, and of course the pudding was staring me right in the face – yoghurt, berry, and white chocolate cheesecake. An amazing combo if I do say so myself!  Very tasty and the prettiest part of the meal!

It was busy for a cold Tuesday night with a comfortable yet bustling atmosphere. I would recommend Smoke Stack to anyone wanting a big hearty meal that is perfectly cooked.

After dinner we went to the Botanic Lights, which was incredible. I would suggest everyone see the Botanic Gardens at night filled with beautiful lights and music.

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