Burr & Co, Edinburgh 

At the beginning of the Edinburgh Coffee Festival there was a stand where people were handing out free fudge and a free coffee voucher for a coffee shop called Burr & Co, little did I know they were promoting themselves because they hadn’t opened yet.

So while on a wander on my lunch break I noticed that it had opened and that I would treat myself to a fancy wee lunch.

I had a cappuccino and a beautiful broccoli tart, the staff were all very lovely and friendly and the tart tasted delicious. As I walked out the door one of the members of staff let me know that this was the first day of opening, a good first day I would say. However I realised I couldn’t just write a blog post about a slice of tart, so I decided to drag Lewis along for another try.  

I was displeased to notice the fact that instead of a slice of tart they had changed it to individual tarts, and in my mind it looked like a smaller portion…. So I decided to have a slice of the caramelised onion, bacon and goats cheese pastry. This was really lovely, the only flaw I would point out is that it would have been better warm, so the cheese would be all gooey and yum.

I then started on my slice of lemon meringue pie, which is one of my favourite desserts. This one was great, the waiter mentioned that it was ‘freshly made that day’ … All of the desserts/ sweet treats look incredible, you can tell someone is looking after that area with a lot of attention to detail! I will certainly be going back to try something else.

I am glad I brought Lewis as in my eyes (well, in his eyes) he knows his coffee, and he wasn’t quite impressed, and I have to say I wasn’t really paying attention to the coffee but as he mentioned this I did realise it wasn’t wowing me.

 The decor is simple yet elegant, there are some hidden seats, and it is easy to accidentally wander into a hotel, but other than that a great layout and a lovely atmosphere.

 The staff are all incredibly friendly and lovely, there seems to be a million of them. I found there to be slight confusion not just from me but from other customers as well as to whether there was table service. A lot of people were standing at the end of the coffee area waiting for a coffee, while some were being told to sit down and there coffee will be brought to them… Slightly inconsistent in that respect?

I would describe Burr & Co as a beautiful elegant cafe perfect for a delicious light bite for those not fussy on their coffee or table service.

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