Rhubarb, Edinburgh

It was Edinburgh Restaurant week, which in my opinion has not been advertised enough, because even those who do not class themselves as ‘foodies’ would have still liked to be a part of this week. The only reason I found out about it is because I saw a sign attached to railings on St Andrews Square, of course as soon as I saw the sign I googled to find out  what it was. There are lots of different parts to Edinburgh Restaurant Week,  but in relation to this post there were many deals for three course menu’s for £25 at wonderful Edinburgh restaurants, and one of those was Rhubarb. My mum had never been to Prestonfield before, so I thought it would be a lovely treat for the two of us.

The entire experience was completely surreal to me as I had never quite been to such a standard of restaurant before. Although it was relatively busy, it was also incredibly quiet, it felt as though everyone was speaking in whispers. As much as the room was stunning, the silence made me feel a bit uncomfortable, dinner is for conversation no?

When I called to book I did mention it was for Edinburgh Restaurant Week and they said that was fine, however as we arrived they told us that it hadn’t started yet, but they would still give us the deal, which was really lovely of them.

The staff were so lovely and attentive, they could honestly not have done any more than they did.

Right, lets get to the good stuff!! The food!!!

My mum and I both had the ‘Salmon’ which was Prestonfield’s cured salmon, horseradish cream, saffron pickled onions and nibbled oats. My mum immediately said it looked like Turkish Delight, which was probably the best description of the salmon as it was this incredible dark pink colour. It was delicious and every bite was a delight. I am not big on fish but this was quite literally dreamy. It came along with a small dish of salmon tartar and oat cakes, and the salmon had a lovely tang to it.

For my main course I had the ‘Cauliflower’, which was creamed cauliflower cannelloni, carrot and golden  raisin purée, tempura broccoli, and toasted almonds. As much as this was tasty, it was also quite heavy and on the sweet side. It needed a bit of balance somewhere, I nearly didn’t order pudding, which is unheard from me.

Of course I did order pudding, because….duh. I had the ‘Lime’  which was Bruleed set lime curd, brown butter pistachio sable and lemon Chantilly.  To me : a lime Crème Brulee. It tasted amazing, it had the perfect top to ‘crack’ and every mouthful was truly wonderful. The only part I didn’t like was the lemon Chantilly….didn’t float my boat unfortunately.

My mum ordered the ‘Chocolate’ which was dark chocolate fondant, milk chocolate caramel, crème fraiche and apricot sorbet. She would not stop ‘mmmming’.

A great experience in my eyes, Prestonfield and Rhubarb are incredibly stunning. An amazing location with absolutely beautiful decor, I am a sucker for an old fashioned art deco vibe.

My mum and I were trying to think of events or occasions were we could come back by the end of our meal, as neither of us really wanted to leave.


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