Kaffeine, London

During my time in London I visited many cafes to narrow down where the perfect place for a good coffee is, this was incredibly hard due to the scale of the place. However this particular one was right round the corner from where I was working.

image2 (1)

As you can imagine, this is the coffee shop I fell in love with…for many reasons.

First things first, the coffee was incredible. I hate my coffee boiling hot, and this came perfectly warm.
If you sat in they would also give you a glass of water with your coffee, I’m not 100% sure why, but I liked it.
Secondly, their pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant if you are like myself and cringe at the thought of attempting to speak in French to order pastry in the morning) is amazing, you can tell it is fresh from the first bite. Unfortunately for me, the day I decided to take photographs they had ran out and so I had to order a fruit salad with yoghurt.


This too was good, but it is a hard dish to go wrong. What I was confused with was the fact that they gave me a fork instead of a spoon, so attempting to get the yoghurt from the bottom of the glass was a nightmare.

Thirdly, the girl who takes the orders recognised me on the third day and so knew exactly what to get me before I had even asked, this is customer service. She also was incredibly friendly and asked nearly every customer how their day was going.

And last but not least, during my second week in London I waltz in mid morning ready for my coffee, and who is chilling there but Professor Green. If it’s good enough for Millie Mackintosh’s husband, it’s good enough for me.

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