Bills, London

Time to meet my friend Alice in London, and she decided we should meet at a place called Bill’s in the Kensington High Street station.

My first thoughts, the décor is great, very rustic and homey-feeling. However I found it unusual that they had a kind of outside seating area, yet it wasn’t outside because it was in a tube station. It would have been lovely if you weren’t looking in doors and in shops, fantastic for people watching however.

image3 (2)

I ordered a Cappuccino (classic) and it was okay, didn’t really do much for my wee tired self.

I then decided to order Bill’s Lime and Coriander Chicken, I ADORE coriander so this seemed like the obvious choice to me.

image1 (3)

Little did I know that coriander meant a tiny sprig on the side of my plate. The chicken, as you can read above was supposed to be covered with lime, coriander and Tabasco, I tasted not one of these ingredients, I was incredibly disappointed at the lack of flavour to be honest. Lime, Tabasco and coriander sound like it should pack a punch to me, no punch whatsoever. Alice ordered the hummus burger, I was looking at it with envy and she said it was delicious. However my sweet potato chips were really good, as was the dip that came with. Although the chicken was plain, it was cooked perfectly and was not in the least bit dry.

image4 (2)

The service was odd, I think the waitress forgot about us at one point, and then we began to be served by someone else and we kept getting asked the same questions twice, then the waitress attempted to take my plate away as I was still eating. Someone was obviously new, or there was a complete lack of communication going on.

image1 (2)

My favourite part however was the small brown paper bag ‘shopping list’ where they had a list of their products and you could tick which ones you wanted and give it back to your server so they can organise your chosen products for you before you left. Very clever idea.

image2 (3)

Over all a bit ‘meh’.

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