Egg Break, London

As I am in London for a little while, it is of course important to catch up with my friends who now live down here! My friend Emma suggested we headed to Egg Break for brunch, I was very thankful to find out that it was literally on my doorstep, as travelling in London still terrifies me.

There was a small queue however it went down quite fast and we got a lovely table near the door, as it was quite warm and there was a great breeze coming through.


The menu is TERRIFIC, with a lot of these Egg places that are popping up here and there, they only really focus on the healthy people  who only eat egg and avocado, however this place caters to all.

The food, we were gutted as we both wanted to try the Jalapeño Home Fries and the Fried Chicken Bun, however the waitress informed us that the Fryer wasn’t working, which was quite upsetting. I ended up ordering the folded egg bun (bun meaning whole wheat roll), with sweet corn salsa, red cabbage and sour cream. WEEEEEW. Delicious, I had sour cream everywhere, and I didn’t even care as Londoners gave me strange looks. I also ordered a side of their smoked bacon, and it was perfect, crispy enough but not burnt and no grease anywhere!


Drinks, I had TWO cappuccinos, which is unheard for me as one coffee gives me the caffeine shakes….however this one was so delicious I had to have another. They also had a large range of drinks including, smoothies, juices, milkshakes, and even alcohol such as wine and cocktails.


The staff were great and friendly, however the waitress seemed to forget a couple of things, as we received double of one order and the table next to us were given the wrong drinks.

We were very thankful we went at the time we did as there was a queue out of the door as we left! I will definitely be trying to squeeze another visit in here during my time in London.


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