Mamma’s Pizza, Edinburgh

It was a beautiful sunny day in the capital and Mum and I were keen to have a wee beer outside and watch the world go by.. We ended up sauntering down to the Grassmarket and plonking ourselves down here.

I was starving, as per usual so I ordered a 9 inch pizza, which Mum was only going to have ‘a few slices of’.

Mamma’s Pizza is in the perfect location for people watching, it is right slap bang in the centre of everything to do with the Edinburgh festival, from inside the buildings we could hear laughter from a show, to the right there was an eccentric group of people performing music and a puppet show and to the left there was a desperate group of people attempting to hand out fliers. Essentially the Edinburgh festival in a glance.

image1 (11)

The food – it’s the little things that I love, and in particular this little thing was the size of Pizza you can order based on the menu. So on the back it was marked out how big 9′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ was….fantastic! I ordered a 9′ pizza with chicken, jalapenos, and onions… to my compete horror the first thing I spotted on my pizza was a tiny little hair….I swiftly took it off and threw it on the floor so my Mum couldn’t see, as she wouldn’t have touched it otherwise. Don’t worry people I did not give her the hairy slice… I just needed help to eat the rest! It was really good pizza minus the hair…which is an odd sentence to write.

image1 (12)

The drink – we ordered two Peroni’s which you cannot go wrong with, however as my Aunty always tells me, beer should never be served in another type of beers glass, as it is simply not made for it.

The staff were lovely, full of life and conversation.

Overall, I don’t know, the pizza was good….but there was also a hair….sooo I will leave that one up to someone else.

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