The Raeburn, Edinburgh


Lewis and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast, I’ve been here before and Lewis hasn’t. When I came it was for dinner and I had their platter and it was really good. The drinks prices at The Raeburn are also very good, however this was breakfast so I don’t think it would have been appropriate to ask for vodka with my bacon roll.

The Raeburn is a lovely kind of pub because it attracts such a different crowd, the young the old and their dogs. It’s decor is classic pub with a modern/posh twist. For me the lighting was slightly too dark for breakfast.

image1 (7)

Food- I had a bacon roll with haggis, it came and looked good, as I took the bun off of the top I realised that the bacon was a bit too fatty for me, as I usually like my bacon nearly burnt to a crisp, so this was completely personal taste. However I also noticed that there was no butter on the bun or sauce, and the waiter had run off without asking whether I would like some, I had to ask him when he reappeared five minutes later. Overall … a bit meh, for me when you eat Haggis it should be beautifully spicy and full of flavour, this haggis was nearly tasteless with more of a prod than a kick of spice. Lewis had the smoked haddock and poached egg…I asked him how it was and he said ‘Plain’…. and he looked slightly disappointed.

image1 (9)

The coffee – I really enjoyed, it was made well.

Overall – as I said earlier…slightly disappointing as it is such a lovely place for meeting friends and socialising, maybe the next time without the food.

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