Wahaca, London

I recently visited London for a day/night to go to the Alexander Mcqueen exhibition (which by the way was wonderful) and to catch up with some friends! On this occasion it was up to Olivia to pick the choice for dinner and drinks, and so she took us to Wahaca which is down the road from the London eye. To my delight, as I like the completely odd, Wahaca is a restaurant built inside of three shipping containers. Decor : 10/10.

image1 (17)

The wait for a table was unfortunately 45 minutes, however as my London friends stated, this is what every restaurant will be like on a Friday night. In the end the 45 minutes went by very fast as we enjoyed a drink in the sun outside with our (free) tortilla chips.

The food, the whole concept of Wahaca is that it is Mexican ‘Street Food’ and so it can be two to three dishes per person, or there is a Burrito menu that has dishes big enough for one per person. So some of us ordered a couple to share and others ordered from the one dish menu, I of course ordered a couple to myself.

image1 (15)

I had the Pork Pibil (main photo) which is three soft tortillas filled with marinated slow cooked pork, DELICIOUS, if it was larger and not bite sized I would have been a very happy bunny. The other dish I ordered was the Marinated Chicken Taquitos, which is seasoned chicken with cheese and chipotle salsa (above). I have to say the pork was most definitely my favourite out of the two, and I could quite frankly eat those soft tacos all day long. The prices were fantastic for all of the dishes, I was pleasantly surprised as I was waiting to be shocked by the ever expensive London.

image1 (16)

The drinks, I kept with the Mexican theme and stayed safe with a Corona, however a drinks special caught my eye…..I enjoy tabasco now and then and it had a lot of things I enjoy to drink in it, for example: ale, tequila, and elderflower. So I thought to myself …what could go wrong? Warning: do not expect all of your favourite things to go well together. Every mouthful a cough came afterwards, I have no idea if it was the concoction itself or the tabasco…but I will not be trying it again.

The staff were all really lovely, and funnily enough, as a large group of Scottish girls we of course had a waiter from Dundee, it is a small world.

THE BEST PART HOWEVER, was the little matchstick pack that came along with the receipt, I of course snapped it up as I like to keep memories of things, little did I know that it was not matchsticks, it was chilli seeds! This was fantastic marketing in my opinion, and it gave you a website to help you with recipe ideas.

image1 (14)

Thank you Wahaca, just for being you.


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