Five Guys, Glasgow


I have heard a lot of people talk about Five Guys and of course have seen the Instagram pictures, and in my head this meant… it’s likely to be distinctly average and has taken the place of Nandos in regards to likes on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

How wrong I was.

I had to try it, as soon as I walked past the building… I was like, right thats it Talor..take the bloody plunge!

image1 (6)

The interior is very plain and basic which adds to the whole concept, the menu is exactly the same (minus the plain). There isn’t much on the menu…yet it is still incredibly hard to choose from as there is so much to try… and the best part is… ALL of the toppings you want on your burger are FREE. THATS RIGHT…..FREE.

I chose the Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard….do not judge me this is the ideal burger. LITERALLY DELICIOUS. Every bite I took I was looking forward to the next one… Incredible.

image1 (5)

The chips – I had the Cajun fries, these are covered in a kind of spicy salty flavouring, really good. What I enjoyed most about the chips is that they give you a cup full of them… and then put another cup full at the bottom of the bag they give your order in…. I have no idea if this was a coincidence or what… but it was chips galore.

Drinks – if you order a coke you will be standing in front of the self serve machine for a VERY long time. There is about a million flavours and you will be tempted to try every single one.

Favourite moments – The STAFF, they were so lovely, the man at the till was so friendly, everyone making the food looked happy, chatting and dancing etc etc (yes you watch them make your food which as you should know…i adore) …. this is what every workforce should be like… be happy and proud of where you are working for!! Although plain, the signs on the walls showing all of the compliments and reviews they had received was a great touch, but I mainly loved that they told you exactly where there potatos are from… because I believe that to be so important nowadays.

image1 (4)

Overall, it is a shame the Five Guys in Edinburgh is so far away. However if I am ever back in Glasgow I know where my lunch will be.

P.S I wanted to try one of their milkshakes as they all sounded delicious, however the ‘milkshake machine’ was not working so they gave us a free refillable drink…That is customer service!

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