The Slighhouse, Edinburgh

My Dad had mentioned this restaurant to me before, so it seemed ideal that we should go for a catchup here. The interior of this restaurant is simply wonderful, I had full admiration of the style and the layout. It was in a horseshoe shape so you entered and walked through the bar and then round to the restaurant, which I personally thought was great as when you had finished dinner it was cleverly designed to make you walk past the bar…..just in case you wanted one more drink.

The kitchen is completely open and you can quite literally see the red faces of the stressed chefs making the meals, which I love because it establishes some trust between the customers and chefs.

However the first flaw of the night, I asked the waitress for her opinion on the beers and which one would suit me best, as I hadn’t heard of a couple, she unfortunately did not have much knowledge and ended up saying ‘…I think’ a the end of every sentence. So I just said, ask the bartender, which resulted in me getting a lovely beer, however I had no idea of the name as she never told me.

The menu is great, many options that are categorised, it is essentially British tapas, or fancy bar snacks, and we arrived both starving so this was ideal. We decided on picking two options each and sharing them, However we were so busy in conversation for a long period of time, that I suddenly realised that no one had come to take our order. My Dad asked the waitress from before if she could take our order, and she replied ‘Oh sorry I thought someone else would.’ ……but why? She took us to our table and ordered our drinks…. who else was there?

We ordered the Fish and Chips, Scotch Egg, the Lamb and the Duck Egg (we unfortunately received the Duck Leg), I think this poor girl was either new or not having a great day, we weren’t even annoyed, I just felt sorry.

image1 (1)

The food, I really enjoyed the Fish and Chips, it was mini battered fish on top of crispy bread with crunchy chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce. Very hard to eat, but very classic and delicious. The Scotch Egg, meh, I have been spoilt in the past by previous Scotch Eggs, so this was very basic and plain for me. The Duck Leg (which we never ordered), it was cooked really well, the black pudding that came with it was very average, which I personally feel is a hard thing to achieve with black pudding. The Lamb, which I funnily enough refused to take a picture of because it was ‘too ugly’ was actually delicious (One of my Dad’s choices). It was 100% the best dish out of the lot and I would definitely order it again, the lamb was soft, falling apart and the veg that came with it complimented it perfectly.

PUDDING. I suggested my Dad and I should share the Creme Brulee, his face as I suggested this was one of shock and horror, so we got one each. Which was the best decision as it was delicious, and no I would not share it with anyone. The crack of the sugar on the top was perfect, the custard underneath was filled with beautiful vanilla, the homemade cinnamon biscuits were delightful, and last but not least the berry coulis, wow, just wow.

image1 (2)

Overall the service was not wonderful, the food was NEARLY THERE, but I will be going back to try other items on the menu, and the pudding had me dancing.

P.s how much does the Scotch Egg look like a smiley face on the plate?? I have no idea if this was on purpose as it wasn’t placed in front of me in that angle….

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