Chocolate Lounge, Edinburgh

If you are ever going to go here make sure you are in the mood for something seriously sweet.

It is a great concept, similar to a Sushi restaurant in that chocolate treats and small bottles of champagne are on a small conveyor belt in front of you. As much as this is delightful it is also slightly cruel as it is for decorative purposes and you are not allowed to touch any of it.

The menu is wonderful, it is any pudding lovers dream/ chocolate lovers dream (ME). My friend Jo had gone before and she told me about the chocolate brownie s’mores sandwich, which is two slices of brownie filled with melted marshmallow and a chocolate shot, and I could roll around in marshmallow if I could so I obviously ordered this.
It was really good,the marshmallow became solid pretty quickly so I was fighting with myself to eat it fast to get the melted goodness, or to eat it slowly so I didn’t make myself sick from how sweet it was.

The unfortunate thing about the Chocolate Bar is that everything is microwaved, which I don’t think is a great touch, I understand they have a small space to make everything, but get a microwave that doesn’t beep or something so that it is not so obvious.

The girls there also have an attitude problem, which sucked.

The best thing about this trip was watching a dad with two little girls not knowing what to do when they proceeded to cover themselves in chocolate fondue…..hilarious and cute.

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