The Outsider Restaurant, Edinburgh

Mum and I were keen to try somewhere new for lunch, and as we had decided to visit Edinburgh Castle for the day we wanted somewhere close to the Royal Mile. It began to rain and so we ran into the doorway of this restaurant.

First impressions were not great, the host was rude and ushered us in.
However the restaurant itself was lovely, the decor is great with an odd circular wooden contraption at one side, however the view on the other side was wonderful. There was a particular table of two that faced right towards Edinburgh castle, however we were informed we were not allowed it, and so we were sat very close to a Father and son, which felt uncomfortable.

The waiter and the waitress were both lovely, both were friendly and had great attitudes.

We ordered from the lunch menu and I had the skirt steak ciabatta with baby gem, mustard mayo, and chilli jam and I ordered a side of the garlicky fries. The steak ciabatta was not even remotely warm, however I realised as I was leaving that this was because the food comes from an elevator and so the food has to travel. The garlicky chips were wonderful though, it was proper garlic butter as well…delicious!

As we were leaving we had to collect our coats from the host, who proceeded to forget about us and decide to usher other people who were entering the door instead. Our coats were then given to us by someone else who looked like she felt sorry for us.

I would go back simply for the view and the prices.

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