Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh

I love Jamie’s Italian, so much so that I have a Gold Card (it’s free and everyone can apply for it, so I would suggest you should too). The Gold Card is great because every month you get a free something to try, a new bit of their menu or something seasonal.

However the reason why I have not posted often about Jamie’s Italian is because i’m quite ‘pernickity’ about the photographs I put on this blog, and the presentation can often be sloppy. Alas, I have found a pasta dish that is somewhat attractive.

The reasons why I like Jamie’s Italian are that the food is often fresh, it’s not pricey and the service from the staff is always wonderful. It’s nice to go to a restaurant where the waiter/waitress has a smile on their face every time you go.

On this occasion I had  prawn linguine, this was delicious and I will happily eat it again. However the waiter warned me that it was spicy, which it was not. Their pasta dishes are great as you can order a small or a large one, I picked a small as I like to prepare myself for pudding.

It was delicious, but this has not been my number one dish at Jamie’s Italian, my favorite is the ‘Chicken Al Mattone’ which is chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce, rocket, crostini and Parmesan. Every mouthful of this dish is a delight,and unfortunately for me they do not serve this at the Edinburgh restaurant.

I have always wanted to try the ‘Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake’, yet it has always JUST ran out as I order it, this has happened approximately THREE times. Clearly it is good, and I need to go to the restaurant earlier if I actually want to try it.

Instead I had the arctic roll, and it was okay, the pudding you order as second best is never really enjoyable is it?

The free tasters we got to try on this particular occasion, a lovely little fresh spring risotto, and a free side of the polenta chips. I have never ordered polenta chips, because if I’m honest I had no idea what polenta was, but I will be ordering them again and again from now on because they were quite frankly WONDERFUL. Deliciously crispy and fluffy at the same time, the best combo when it comes to chips in my opinion.

I will be back with lemon meringue in mind!!


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