The Vermont Hotel, Newcastle

It was my flatmate Rachael’s birthday and we were kindly treated to afternoon tea at The Vermont Hotel, unfortunately for the girls they had to put up with my terrible driving, so I would not be surprised if everyone felt a bit sick and dizzy upon arrival.

The venue was beautiful and reminded me very much of Mad Men (the first couple of series).

Its lovely when you have the chance to dress up in a smart manner, especially for a situation like this, as we don’t get to do it often and it makes it feel a lot more special.

As we watched everyone around us get their afternoon tea we couldn’t help become giddy and excited at the scenes of the towers that people receive in front of them. Little did we know how much you actually get per person. Rachael can’t eat gluten, so they made her a special afternoon tea and served it on a separate personal table, which I thought was lovely and well done. Abby and Siobhan received a tower, and luckily enough I got my own personal tower, don’t worry though they made sure everyone got equal amounts of each part of the afternoon tea (there I was thinking I was special).

The bottom tier consisted of four small sandwiches with fillings of cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and cress, and ham, tomato and mustard. The middle tier had two scones, one plain and one with fruit, and this included jam and clotted cream. The scones were also warm which was wonderful! The top tier had a selection of pastry and cakes, which was great as I made everyone try them first to tell me what they were, so I could decide what order to eat them in… (Save best til last obviously).

How can I forget the tea and coffee….also very good.

The waitress was lovely and very attentive.

Everything tasted wonderful, we all had to take a break between mouthfuls as we were stuffed to the brim, however we tried our best to conquer the whole lot.

If they weren’t feeling ill about my driving to the afternoon tea….just wait until the drive back!

I will definitely be going back here, and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Rachael!

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