Lane 7, Newcastle

I have written about Lane 7 a couple of times now, but I tell you what I could go again and again. It is one of my favourite places in Newcastle and I could spend hours there.

This is simply an appreciation post.

I had the Louisiana Shrimp bun, which is honey and coconut breaded prawns, smoked red pepper and tomato relish, lettuce and mayo. It also comes in a brioche roll and arrives with chips. This is my favourite thing to order at Lane 7, however PLEASE BRING BACK THE MAC N CHEESE…. why has it left?!?!

I also ordered the Jalapeno Poppers, which are meant as a starter but we were all hungry so we asked for the starters to come with the mains (the greedy pigs we are). These were also delicious, however not quite up there with El Cartel!

An overall great experience!

I suggest everyone should go here for a lovely wee burger, a spot of bowling, a beer, and once you have gained some ‘confidence’ a spot of karaoke. It’s a great concept and I love it.

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