Patisserie Valerie, Edinburgh

As you may have noticed, there was a long period of time where I had not posted anything on this blog, and that is due to the fact that my dissertation was due at the end of March. However during the period of time I was writing my dissertation I decided to go home and work on it in the library on George the IV bridge, however this lead to procrastination, which lead me to eat at Patisserie Valerie. Don’t get me wrong I had my laptop open and ready to work on my dissertation during my time there however as soon as my food was placed in front of me…. I forgot all about it.

The menu made my mouth water, as did the display of beautiful cakes in the window… it seemed the appropriate place for lunch. Due to my previous experience of enjoying artichokes I decided to have the prosciutto, artichoke, mascarpone and rocket on the toasted ciabatta. Oh my goodness it was utterly delightful, I also enjoyed that they gave you a wee side of crisps as well…. I can’t remember the last time a cafe treated me with a side of crisps!

Unfortunately it filled me to the brim, so I had to stop myself from stuffing myself with cake….but I will try one… one day!

The best part about this experience was the waitress, I don’t often eat by myself, and when I do it is usually at Yo Sushi where I feel like it is acceptable. However the waitress made me feel very comfortable as she was so friendly.

I am going back, I need cake, and I need it now.

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